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Hi I have only just been diagnosed with COPD, this was found after being admitted to hospital with breathing problems. I am now on my third lot of antibiotics in seven weeks for a chest infection that wont or doesnt want to clear up. Most days I cant be bothered to do anything, and just walking seems to be making my legs ache as well as my chest feel as its going to blow up. My main question is, is aching in your legs part of having COPD. thanks Julia

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  • Hi and welcome, could be due to the infection! I am sure others will be along shortly to add their advice Val

  • Hi and thankyou x

  • Hi, My wife suffers from COPD and as she doesn't use the laptop I thought I should try and say what happened to her. Julie was on and off antibiotics for a long time and it took sometime to find out just which one worked. In the end her consultant tried her on a 3 times a week tablet during the winter months and this broke the chain. Swelling/aching in the legs is fairly common but it could be due to something totally unrelated to COPD so ask you GP or consultant to investigate. Fred the Ted

  • I'd like to echo this. I was diagnosed with a chest infection in November 2010. After 5 courses of anti- bioethics it was clarythimicin the fluoxicillen that finally saw it gone. I also suffer from Bronchectasis and take azithromycin 3 times a week to keep this under control. I have to say its been a revelation for me.

    With my first x-ray the radiologist told me I has an infection and she reckoned it would take 3 months to clear up. She was right.

    It can seem very disheartening but I am sure you will reach the end of the infection.


  • Hi Fred the Ted, thanks for that I will see how I go on and think I will ask my COPD nurse about this when she come to visit me

  • Hello Julia Welcome

    I was very much like you describe on first being diagnosed, for me the leg thing, was something that is first noticeable when there is a problem / lung infection. I was a long time recovering from the initial exacerbation but when that began to respond to medications, I attended a pulmonary rehabilitation course (ask your GP for referral) and from there I've never looked back. Today I only rarely get the leg thing.

    All good wishes.

  • Hi Zoee, Thanks for that I am having a visit from the PR team tomorrow to assess me. I do hope the leg aches do go away in time. Thanks for your help and hope that you are doing well today xx

  • hi julia

    I get a pain in in hips when a chest infection is coming on and the day it starts my legs ache, similar to flu, and i get really tired.

    I have been off work since january 2nd and have now taken antibiotics at least twice a month.

    Over the last 2 weeks i have felt better and was planning to return to work today but yesterday my hip hurt and today i feel awful.

    i don't know if this something others find is a sign of an impending chest infection but i do.

  • Hi Julia, As others have said leg pain is quite common with chest infections, but do discuss it with your GP. Have you had a sputum test to determine which antibioticyou need?

    I would echo Zoe in recomending PR it will help you take control of your condition & improve your wellbeing.

    Best wishes


  • Hi Jo, I should have my results back from my sputum test tomorrow so will see what that brings and thankyou for your help x

  • One thing I always found was that getting over the chest infection was like climbing to the top of the hill - my first few courses of antibiotics got me almost to the top but weren't (i felt) enough to get me over and to kill it off. Hopefully the sputum sample will tell them exactly what it is and you will get the best drug for the job!


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