I was diagnosed with COPD about 6 months ago despite having stopped smoking 10 years ago.I felt really downhearted and depressed. I now feel that everything is such a chore to do includes washing up gardening or shopping . I don't seem to have a great deal of incentive to do anything other than sleep sometimes. I am going to rehab unit tomorrow for tests I assume I shall get some advice from them? Anyone else feel depressed like this also? I do not intend to give into this disease but will need to adopt a more positive attitude.Any tips please will be appreciated.

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  • Enjoy rehab it is really helpful even meeting people that are the same as you to talk with helps

  • Thanks for your reply it is the uncertainty of it all that worries me. The sister in charge of spirometry tests on being asked by me what was the end game , pneumonia? She replied that there are worse ways to go! As you can imagine I really felt good after that. Anyway thanks for the reply.

  • Please ring BLF Helpline where I feel you will get honesty and reassurance on this .

  • Thanks again for your help , been to the unit and going every Thursday for 10 weeks to class for breathing and information and exercise.. Feel a bit relieved thANKS AGAIN

  • It might help you to post on here see what others have to say or what they do to cope welcome Val

  • Thanks I'm just new in here as youv'e guessed so thanks Valm .

  • i,m afraid feeling low at times goes with the territory dont mention whether you have a partner/family to support you.if you do then you have a chance to get over the downs.if you are like me living alone with no-one to help or support its pretty bleak

  • Thanks for replying I will bear this in mind I have a daughter who lives with me and she is very helpful. It's the cant,t be bothered attitude that gets me I was never like this before. Many thanks for your reply

  • hi interquest, yes, the feeling low goes with it. I have suffered with anxiety and depression for years from other reasons, though i have also been told by my gp that i probably had copd years ago and not asthma, so i am also wondering if the anxiety and depression was from this illness too. How i deal with it, i try to push myself to do as much as i can without getting too tired and days when i cant do anything, i try to talk to friends and play games on facebook and watch some good programmes on the tv to keep me occupied and to stop me from getting too depressed. Hope that helps you. San x

  • Thanks San15 just glad that others are here to listen many thanks x sandy

  • Hi interquest, I am sorry you are feeling so low at the moment this is just how I felt a couple of months ago and i have had COPD for over 20 years unfortunately it just makes you feel like that sometimes. I suggest you get as much excercise as you can manage and talk to people in the same position and the professionals they are the ones who can help. I consider the reply you got from the nurse very unprofessional and its evident she should not be passing comments like that, it does not help anyone. If you have a local Breathe Easy group please go they are run by people with lung conditions, you can make friends and get lots of information, life can be very good even with COPD

    take care


  • I also meant to say don't beat yourself up if you don't feel like doing something one day, it will wait.


  • Thanks Polly

  • Hi Gordon57 reading your message really made me smile, I have been reading posts but never joined until today and just had to say that reading your post about the washing up liquid has really lifted my spirits. I have had bronchiectasis since the age of six months and am now a lot older :-) until I recently found this site I had thought there were not many others with the same condition as myself. I do so enjoy reading the comments and seeing how others like myself have coped with the illness we share. Thank you for making me smile today. Jillyjem

  • that tickled me :) was feeling down before I read that as started with chest infection today. some antibiotics make for lower spirits than others too.

  • Thanks Gordon for the tips

  • Thanks so much for your reply. I was beginning to think for a while that no one bothered. I am glad that |I have joined this site as on looking at some of the answers to questions I am beginning to feel less afraid.

  • Thats good :) Val

  • Hi Interquest and welcome. I too like so many get very low at times and feel that I just can't be bothered to do anything, I suppose we feel sorry for ourselves, then I think got to make the most of this lot and get up and do something, and this leads to doing something else and then I find moving about and the exercise makes be feel better. I have good days and bad.

    Libby x

  • Hi Interquest. Rather than get depressed, I tend to get annoyed. This usually get me off my backside to go and do something, even if it's just a bit of washing up or hoovering. At least I feel I have done something constructive with my day.

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