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Hi, I have not been on before today but had a good look over the site yesterday and thought how good it was. I have had COPD for over 20 years I am at stage 3 but no oxygen yet thank goodness. I try not to get stressed over everyday things, if the washing and ironing doesn't get done today its not the end of the world. I attend a pulmonary maintenance class every other week, and try to keep active. I also belong to the local Breathe Easy group. Even though i have had COPD for a long time there is always something new to learn. We recently had an inhaler technique presentation at Breathe Easy and I learned I was not using one of my inhalers correctly, and did not realise the importance of a spacer.

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  • I am going on the rehab course and looking forward to it as am sure it will help me loads. It is 3 days a week, either morning or afternoons for 6 or 8 weeks. I see the specialist on the 8th August and will be on the next available course. Glad youre still learning a lot from it and its good that even tho you have copdfor so long you can still learn new things. Hopefully now your inhalers will be even more effective and you will feel the benefit quickly.

  • Hi Ioda, I think you will find the rehab really helpfull giving you the confidence to do more excercise than you thought possible, it did for me, and if you have the opportunity carry on then to the mainentance class, not only is is good but you make lots of friends. I also find Breathe Easy is a great place to to make new friends who are also suffering with lung problems and are sympathetic to your breathing difficulties.

    Good luck on the 8th

    Take care pollyj

  • Hi and welcome Val

  • Thank you Val, I look forward to being in touch with lots of people.

    take care


  • Thank you Stitch, its an uphill struggle some of the time, a lot of which depends on the weather, I was quite poorly about 12 months ago with continuous infections, when my consultant put me on Azithromycin and it has worked wonders for me, so hope it continues the good work.

    take care


  • Could somebody be so kind and explain to me what stage 3 of COPD is,despite having asthma all my adult life ,emphysema for 10 years ,active in breathe easy in the past,these stages are very new to me . Any information would be appreciated.

    Thanks Woody

  • I believe they are mild, moderate and severe, but if you use the BLF helpline I am sure you will get much more detailed information

    take care



    welcome polly,you seem to be around the same 'stage' as me,I'm glad you are enjoying rehab,I wish there was such a thing here where I live.Hope this link helps Woody.Have a good day everyone!

  • thanks huff you have a good day too.

    Maybe have a great week too everyone :)

  • Thank you, I am sorry you dont have rehab, they are very stretched here now because of so many patients, so we also have a session each week held in a church hall which is taken by a BLF trained instructer, we do have to pay a small amount but it is worth it. It might be worth giving BLF a ring to see if you have one in your area,

    take care


  • Welcome Polly

    Great you still do PR and you find the breathe easy group of help, both are great maintenance and support for us.

  • Thank you Zoe, yes although sometimes I dont want to go, but making the effort is always worth it, all little excercise and a chat with friends makes a world of difference.


  • Hi Pollyj

    Welcome to the forum.

    If you would like to know more about the different stages of COPD, call us here at the helpline on 03000 030 555 and we will do our best to help you.

    Kind regards


  • Hi Pollyj,

    welcome to the forum. I too have stage 3 Emphysema and Angina, I do not use oxygen. I have attended rehab once and thoroughly enjoyed it. The only negative part of it was that it just dealt with exercise and there was no informative side. I had previously attended cardiac rehab which was made up of exercise and education. Sadly, having depression I seem to have come to a standstill, slowly but surely I am trying to clamber back up the sides of this hole and will eventually take up my consultant's offer of returning to rehab. :)

  • Hi Seams, the rehab I attended did have informative talks at the end of each session. Do you have a local Breathe Easy? this is one of the most informative places you could be, so much information not only from different speakers but also from members who have the same or similar conditions.

    take care


  • Hi there Polyj and welcome to our band of warriers,

    You will find lots of friends here

    Regards Linda

  • Hi Linda

    Thank you very much

    take care


  • Hi Polly, and welcome to the site its good to get support from people going through the same lets u know ur not alone best wishes xx

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