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I everybody reading blogs for several weeks. Time to write my profile,my name his ray aged 65 COPD 6 years. Medication spireva, seretide, ventolin,


My first claim was a disaster total my fault. I never appealed. My second claim latter part of last year. I downloaded the claim form took my time, then sent off. Refused , rather then appeal I asked them to look at my claim again, asking for the case notes (these notes can be used later if you appeal) It was clear from these notes why they had refused. As I was attending my yearly visit to the medical centre I enquired about gaining a copy of any test result, although this is only done between the DWP and your Doctor the nurse wrote down two result for me Spirometry test and the MRC scale. I used the internet to decipherer these results, and DWP own web site to do a comparison as to what would be expected for a person at this level. I downloaded all the information highlighted the parts which I believed applied to me ,and along with a not to nice covering letter sent it off. Not expecting to much, 10 days later a letter arrived informing me my claim was agreed, higher rate mobility and middle rate care indefinite period.

So rather than appeal ask them look again, you have better chance to resolve a dispute if you know the cause, you can still appeal plus you will have the case papers.

FEVI (%predicted)

Severity of airflow obstruction

( Post – bronchodilator )


Stage 1-Mild


Stage 2-Moderate


Stage 3-Severe


Stage 4-Very Severe

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hi Ray, nice to meet you, i am in the mild stage, though, i cant even walk to my local shops which are a couple of hundred yards away and constantly on antibiotics and steroids. The medication i am on is spiriva, one a day. symbicort, 2 puffs twice a day and ventolin too. I am on the lower rate DLA for mobility and care, which i got before i was diagnosed with copd. San x


lucky to get DLA when you are 65 because claim befor 65 need to fight for what is intitled


thank you San 15 / scotts 35 DLA is only for people under 65. after 65 there is only attendance allowance. no mobility or lower rate care


Hi hope you enjoy using this site it is very helpful Val


Dear Rayfindlow

Great news regarding your DLA,

Kind regards



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