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Hi there everyone I hope I find you well.

I would like to know if any of you experience a fast heart beat before you go on a downward spiral and have to take ant-biotics and/or steroids, I have noticed that this seams to happen to me and find it quite distressing. If you do is there anything you do to try and slow down your heart beat? I hope the question makes sense and I`m sorry if it sounds a bit silly.

Regards Linda

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  • Breathe and heart rate seem about same time

  • Hi, i frequently have a fast heart beat. I know this is due to my breathing.

    I have mentioned this to my GP and consultant but they never seem to comment.

  • HI, i havent really noticed, but then again, as i suffer with anxiety attacks and often seem to have a fast heartbeat, i have got to the stage that i never notice anymore. San x

  • Fast heart rate will be down to the infection, don't know if there is anything you can do except try and relax not move about to much until the antibiotics steroids kick in Val

  • I don't know if this helps but recently i had to see a heart specialist who told me that the medication i am on causes my heart to beat faster - problem is i can't be sure which one it was but i think he said theophyline.

  • I suffer fast heart beat, not only when I have infection. It occurs as part of the fluctuation of my copd, no two days are the same :-( It helps to sit, relax & do breathing exercises. I find purse-lip breathing is very effective as is a few slow deep abdominal breaths.

    Best wishes

    Jo :-)

  • Thanks for your answers everone


  • A fast heart rate can be the result of an infection starting, or can be caused by some meds. However, it can also occur when the heart is trying to compensate for low oxygen levels in the body. You had these checked recently? They need checking at rest and when exerting yourself. Good luck.

  • Hi Linda, the fast heart beat was one of the main symptoms that caused my doc to start investigations before I was diagnosed, that with chest infection which lasted for around 10 months. My heart and lungs were checked out at the time. I think maybe this is something your doc needs to investigate further. Although no doubt it depends how fast and patient age that may determine what is an acceptable rate at rest before the doc takes further steps to investigate it. Mine was around 115 bpm resting at the time, age early 50s, my doc wasn't happy until the pulse rate came down to below 90 when resting.

    Hope you are feeling better soon.

    Take good care Zoee

  • I'm also experiencing a fast pulse rate which I've never had before my recent chest infection, I keep hoping it will settle in time.

  • I have an oximeter and check my sats and pulse daily. The first sign for me of an infection on the way is a drop in sats, and a rise in heart rate. It seems to be consistent too. The only cure is to get the infection treated with antibiotics and preds. Something I am on now. I turn it on its head and say it gives me one more way to manage my copd. With copd we must stay tuned to our bodies. Only we know what is happening from day to day. .

  • Hi derrylynne thanks for your reply,

    I have an oximeter which I use on a regular basis, it is just that I feel as if my heart is going to burst through my chest it is beating so hard and fast and it scares me a bit. I do hope I don`t sound mardy, I just wondered if it happened to anyone else.

    regards Linda

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