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Changes in my life since coming on this forum three days ago

Changes in my life since coming on this forum three days ago

Today instead of driving and mulling over my partner leaving me to be a friend and me mulling over the inevitable I did not do a man thing today I done a woman thing. RETAIL THERAPY, strongly recomend it if you have a licence for a trolley which I dont give me anything from a car to a tractor to a truck but a trolley no!!!!, bumped into a lady that caused a long conversation spent ages in asda's mens clothes isle and caned my card two hours later loaded the boot up and felt albeit tired but satisfied plan another excursion over the weekend so when in our situation retail therapy helps you thank you all for your help and advice

Attached photo is lewis my lovely son how blessed me and his mother are he keeps me going I would like to play rugby with him at ten but I doubt it I hope and pray I see him as a teenager we are blessed I was told nine years ago it would be a million to one chance I would have a child after a operation, but here is proof doctors can be wrong I adore him photo was taken fathers day in wales one a steam train what a wonderful day we had.

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What a beautiful little boy!! Lucky you! TAD xx


A lovely little boy. You are both making wonderful memories. :0)

Thats the objective if all goes pear shaped he has something to look at to remind him and I have a laptop full while in hospital again thank you

Gorgeous boy, keep positive....and maybe some trolley training???

Yep felt ill this morning with the running aroud plus tired but I am going to do it again today

You have a fine boy, best of

Ah what a lovely little boy u , they do keep u going especially on down days and they give u an inner strength to want to carry on xx

well dsone youve got alot going for you all the besst i sing to myself sod it

Aww what a little sweetheart! I'm all for retail shopping to chase the blues away,Did a little myself today,going shopping with daughter is great fun.Glad you had a fun time with your son on a train in Wales,precious memories for you both!

Hi Reggie its good to hear you feeling more upbeat and positive, your little boy is lovely. Glad you have discovered what women have always known, retail therapy is a necessity, we don't just do it for fun haha. keep strong Jill x

Do you live in Wales Reggie? I'm from Mid Glam. Your son is a right little cutie and a sure heartbreaker one day I reckon with that gorgeous hair and eyes. Nowt wrong with doing a woman's thing........................after my hubby left in May all I seem to be doing are man's things...................or did I not do a lot before lol!

Hi no dont live in wales but I think it is the most lovliest part of our country my ex and I used to stop at her perants static in hereford and every day we nipped into wales some lovely hidden villages, I see your deserted as I put it, mine left becouse I think she feared watching me die when an animal died on the farm she left me to deal with it even our dog ruby left to me so I think she fears death, well retail therapy again today bought a blue tooth for the laptop and some new bedding and lewis broke his fav dvd its called UP so I hunted hi and low and finally found it oh my names not reggie its brian its 2 57am my disease wakes me during the night for the removal of fluid wakes my neighbours I suppose well thankyou for your contact and yes a real cutie is lewis

Reggie is more trendy than Brian I reckon lol!!!!! Yes me and hubby split in May, less than a week after my dad finding out he is terminally ill, hence why I come on here. I have a soon to be 2 yr old and soon to be 6 year old. I did some retail therapy today in the Next sale.............................need to do overtime now argghhhhhhhh.

Reggie is one of our horses and I was and still is quite fond of him I am so sorry your dads terminally ill, its one thing I dont want my son to know about me its hard being it its even harder when people start to change the way they treat you I do hope your dad copes. Today no retail therapy I drove to preston docs and watched the annual boat racing then off to the beach at southport until about half hour ago now sat indoors waiting for chinese a glass of guiness and my ex is coming for tea mmmmm keeps me updated on our sons well being well thank you for replying and do keep in touch and take care

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