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Does anyone live in or near preston lancashire

HI brian here after recieving so much support from this site I am now looking for friends in the preston area they dont initially have to have ILD like me loneliness is not a nice room to be in also what does acetylcystein do thats the horse tablet I take three times a day and why is it important the rest I know anyway would like to thank all for your support

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Hi Reggie - In conditions like yours acetylcysteine is used to increase the amount of glutathione in the lungs. Glutathione helps protect the lungs from the harmful effects of inflammation and prevent further deterioration in lung damage.

It is also used, in people with conditions like bronchiectasis, as a mucolytic ie to reduce the stickiness of sputum.

Here's a link to a helpful leaflet Acetyicisteine.pdf

I live about 400 miles away from you otherwise it would be lovely to meet up. I was thinking of you last night when I watched a programme set in Preston (on BBC1, it was about seeing how people in their 70's cope with modern-day jobs).

best wishes


that link didn't work so am trying again . . . Acetyicisteine.pdf


About 140 mile from you in Northumberland sorry Val


my mum lives in teesside and I have contacts in carlisle maybe next time I am up to driving long distance I will post it and anyone can meet me but thank you


:) x


Grrr it doesn't seem to be working but should be ok if you cut and paste - if not just say so and I'll send me you a message with the whole leaflet cut & pasted


Hi Brian, we do have a Breathe Easy Support group in the Preston area. They hold meetings on the first Tuesday of the month at the Blessed Sacrament Parish Church, if you would like more information on the group you can call our regional office on 0151 224 7778

Kind regards



I will call tomorrow carol thank you


Or how about the BLF Pen Pal scheme? Ring us on 03000 030 555 and we will send you some info about it.




Thankyou mark I will do


I have met a very nice lady on the BLF penpal scheme. Sadly her husband who had COPD has died but we are still in touch and email weekly. Thank you BLF for your pen pal scheme and I would highly recommend it.



I was prescribed Acetylecistine when they thought I had bronchiectasis - the tablets are indeed huge but they are dissolveable in water.



Dear Brian

I really do encourage you to go to your local Breathe Easy Group. I'm sure they will make you very welcome and it is great to chat with people who understand, and possibly suffer with, your lung complaint. You will find it easy to make friends.

Keep taking the 'horse tablets' and good luck the improvement of your health.

Kind regards,

John (BLF and Breathe Easy member)


yes I am I am in the process of contacting prestons breath easy group they meet first tues of each month so I will keep you all updated and thankyou for you email


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