I'm a Newbie to the this site...but sadly not to asthma!

Hi everyone out there, I'm a severe asthmatic under the FABULOUS care of the Royal Brompton Hosptial in London. Had asthma as long as I can remember - which is too long!!! Hate the fact that when I look in the mirror...alll I see is a "moon-faced" version of me. I have a love/loathe relationship with pred - I love the fact that it's keeping me alive....but I loathe the side effects! I tend to try to be self deprecating and jokey about my asthma - it's my coping mechanism - but it doesn't mean I don't take it seriously. Looking forward to chatting to like minded people. Sending hugs xxx

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  • My first EVER blog - get me!! LOL

  • Welcome and well done on your first blog Pingu-forever :) , glad you could join us.

  • Helllo, Val

  • hello there:)

  • WOW - thank you all for your kind "greets" what a lovely, friendly forum - glad to be part of it! xx

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