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Update on 02 assessment !

Graham rang BOC this morning just to check they had the change in the HOOF as we are going away next week, and need the oxygen sorted for that, they have it as Concentrator 3 - 5L, Ambulatory 6L for 7 hours a day! The advisor on the phone said that will be using a conserver? Graham said no she hasn't had a test for a conserver! He said ok I will ring and speak to the nurse and get back to you.

Guess what have a date for the conserver test 25th July ha ha the nurse and someone from BOC coming out do you believe it? How long has it taken them??? Val x

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Well things are slowly moving for you and at least they are coming out to you. I didn't have a test for a conserver, when I was discharged from hospital I asked the consultant if he thought I could have a conserver and he just said I don't see why not and the surgery arranged the necessary hoof. Would be interested to know what the test entails



Will let you know Libby, think they have to check your sats resting and ambulatory using the conserver to see if you can maintain sats at an acceptable level. Val


Same as the walk test you have had with blood gas measured at the end could have done all this in one visit unless it takes a new test. Keep us updated with how it has changed from being given them to try out for yourself.


Will let you know, we will see what happens Val


Glad at last something is working out for you Val.


:) x


I didn't have an 02 assessment either ...... was just told I had to have 02 @ 1litre/minute for 16 hours daily, and the day I was discharged from hospital the Air Products engineer delivered my concentrator. It's not a conserver though (that's where the oxygen only comes through when you're breathing in - it's not constant, at least I think that what it means :) )

Am pleased that you're getting things sorted out...... and hope it's worth the wait.



Thanks getting it sorted slowly but surely, yes the conserver - it’s not constant I think only on inhaling/breathing in? Val


Some people can not use a conserver will have to wait and see! Description found on air products web site.

When we breathe we spend most of our time breathing out. When you use an oxygen cylinder with a continuous flow, most of the oxygen is wasted. However, using an oxygen conserver cuts out that waste. A conserver provides a precise amount of oxygen at the best point in your breathing so you only use the oxygen you need.

Your conserver is designed to be used with your portable oxygen cylinder so the cylinder lasts up to three times longer, although this will vary depending on your breathing rate and activity.


Conservers are not suitable for all patients, including children six years old and under. Your doctor can advise you. Do not under any circumstances use a conserver while sleeping.

Val x


Brilliant news Val - hope all goes well and it really does do what it says on the tin! About time too! How many months is that you have been waiting - good grief!

Oops!! Have to admit that on a couple of occasions I have used my conserver and my pulsed POC overnight when I have gone somewhere and had to stay and touch wood doesn't seem to have had any lasting effect. Interestingly I did notice that a few times I was woken up during the night by an alarm as the mechanism had detected I wasn't breathing; actually the cannular had slipped round my face during the night and no 02 was coming in so it rang its alarm bells. I notice the alarm doesn't go off if the same thing happens with the concentrator - a frequent occurence - as it only goes off if the electricity cuts out! Very strange................

Fingers crossed for you



Thanks Mulie going to get myself out in the next couple of weeks walking and see if I can get myself back to work, by that time I will have been off just about 3 months! Val x


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