I'm back

Hia it's been ages since i had chance to blog. Expecting to go on the old oxygen in August I've been working my little socks off to pay the credit card bill before I have to cut my working hours. You would think, that by now, working an average 45hrs per week I'd be close to being credit free, wrong, theres just so much else I need haha Anyway had a great holiday by the seaside and at least for a a week the lungs seemed happy and didn't give me any gyp. So much so i'm off again this weekend and as my hospital appointment has been put back to September I might just sneak another one in. The credit card? it can wait

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  • Ha ha

  • good luck girl go for it. enjoy evert minute. like ur attatued spend to day pay tommorow, mines something like that but i cant type it lol.

  • lol will do

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