Have you got COPD? Do you know someone who has?

Hi Everyone, i'm the BLF communications officer for Scotland and Northern Ireland.

We've done a bit of partnership working with the Health Inequalities Alliance to produce a survey for those with experience of COPD in Scotland.

We hope to use the results to campaign for improved services that are delivered in a consistent manner across the nation.

If you have experience of COPD, perhaps as a patient or carer, please log onto lunguk.org/Region/Scotland before the 30th July and take the survey. We really want to hear your story.


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  • hi yes i have copd ive had it for years, i have only one lung also a cysted not maligrant. but is on left side and i am on oxygen consatrator 15 hrs a day. i still go out and clean and do every thing for myself , i gave up smocking 5yrs ago i asked the doctor if i carried on smocking i would only have 15 mouths to live.and if i gave up about 15 yrs. i gave up that day. i have 4 wonderfull children all grow up and 6 grandchildren,and good friends . thats all for now whitelegg.

  • What a story Whitelegg, thanks for sharing. Where is it you're based?

  • i dont have COPD. i joined the site looking for imformation for a friend. i liked chatting 2 the people, i find them so possitve and they help each other out with any probs they have. i have never came across a web site like it. and good luck 2 them all. x

  • Yeah it's a great site, isn't it? It's wonderful that people have somewhere to share their experiences and build their confidence. Glad you're also getting a lot out of it. Tell your friends and maybe they'll benefit too.

  • I was diagnosed two years ago - and after getting told I had the lungs of a 35 year old was told the next year my lung function was 35% Guess it ws a case of someone not knowing how to read the results :-( Have done the survey. Have a great practise nurse who helps in any way possible, and she runs the resp clinic :-)

  • Hi Poppyup. Thanks for your comments and for taking the survey. That's really unfortunate about the mix-up with your results, but i'm glad you're happy with your practise nurse. Where abouts are you based?

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