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Walking with 'Di and Ama' part2


Two weeks ago today I said I would walk an extra mile each day up to '3 Peaks Day', and then attempt to walk 3 miles in one go - one mile for each mountain. This is my way of acknowledging the tremendous effort and achievement made by Dionne and amagram, and others like them, who put their all into raising funds and helping others in various ways.

I'll be off around 10.50 by taxi to Siblyback Lake. My intention is to walk the lakes 3.5 mile (5.6k) perimeter. I admit to a touch of nerves as i may not be quite up to it and my fev1 is lower than last summer when i only just managed 3 miles on one occasion. I am hoping my many mile walks over the past 2 or 3 weeks will have done enough to keep me going. My other worry is 02. Ideally i would have it at 5 or 6lpm for this, but that would need me to complete the walk in less than 2 hours and i don't know if that will be the case. I will try 4lpm pulsed and try to keep things to a stroll. I am travelling light with just my Helios Marathon, taxi fare, phone, pulse ox and a small bottle of water. Will let you all know how i got on when i am home and recovered - fingers crossed, Parvati ;)

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thank you Tadaw x

Well - I did it :) Started on the actual lakeside path at 11.30 and finished the 3.5 miles at 1.15pm still with oxygen to spare. I took my time using 4lpm pulsed until i was half way round, then seeing i had plenty left i bumped it up to 5lpm constant flow and and upped my speed. My sats dropped to 88 a few times, but as i stopped and regained my breath before getting too sob i was never too stressed.

It was wonderful to be out in the fresh air, in a lovely setting and to forget 'planet copd' for a while. Sat and had a pot of tea lakeside while waiting for the taxi home. Pleased with my timings as they work out at precisely 30 minutes per mile - not an Olympian by anyone's standards but not bad for someone on 02 with an fev1 of 29% .

Weather permitting i will be back there once a week from now on, and stay out for the whole day now that the family won't be panicking so much (you would think i had been to the moon!).

Big thanks to Di and amagran - it was they who inspired me to shake off my complacency and get stuck into some extra walking. Fingers crossed for Dionne that the awful weather forecast improves - what a huge challenge to face! Best wishes to you all, Parvati :)

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Well done Parvati inspiration to others Val x

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thanks val - though it was more a case of me being inspired by others ;) x

How absolutely brilliant - you should be so proud of yourself !! What a fantastic inspiration - I am going to tell my husband now - it can be done! Thank you so much for your efforts. Hope you continue to feel well. Take care. TAD xx

Thanks TAD .... but please, before you scare hubby with the thought of 3mile walks, remember i always walk a mile to shop every day as i don't have a car. I also have a treadmill, exercise bike, rebounder, stepper and weights squeezed into my bedroom. It didn't happen overnight. It has taken 2 or 3 years to go from being too weak to answer my front door (i left it unlocked 24/7 so that people could just walk in) to being where i am now. Also, i enjoy setting small challenges for myself. I wouldn't want others to think i am suggesting they do the same. I do though, think it important that folk know these things are possible if we just keep at it every day, little by little. It was reading what other individual copd'ers around the world have done that made me realise i didn't have to spend the rest of my life so weak and sob. My exercises and achievements are small fry compared to some. The main thing is that we do enough to function comfortably in everyday life. Anything more than that is a bonus :)

At least now i can lock my front door at night! best wishes, Parvati x

PS We all have to pick ourselves up and start again every so often too. It was a few months ago that i noticed i was really struggling again and had to admit i had let everything slide since last winter. It took a few false starts before i got back into the swing of things and onto the treadmill again ;) P

Wow you're amazing. Well done

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thanks castle :)

That's inspiring! I'm just wondering how to replan my life around the O2 therapy as even with it getting washed seemed a major undertaking this morning. It's only my 2nd day home though. Short term goals seem the best idea.

Well done you!

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Hi Rob - glad to hear you are home - what 02 have they given you - is it ambulatory or home concentrator or both? Remember it is one small step at a time and you are starting from a low point having just recovered from an exacerbation. Just getting used to being home and on 02 will be challenge enough for the next few days i would think! Then ease into some Pulmonary Rehab type exercise as a starting point. The early days are always the hardest, so you certainly have my sympathy there. Are you able to have a stool or seat of some kind at the sink or in your shower / bath? Keep us posted as to how you are getting on - plenty of people here will be happy to pass on tips etc if you have any difficulty either with getting accustomed to your 02 or day to day life post exacerbation. Good luck and best wishes, Parvati :)

What an achievement, well done! Keep it up, from BLF Active.

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Thanks Katie :)

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