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Going home is being talked about!

The docs have lowered my oxygen to 2litres per whatever it is (what is it someone?) and I'm managing on that at rest. It was put down to one litre but I found that awkward, too borderline for confidence. A gas test showed everything is OK.

The pneumonia has been nuked by the IV antibiotics.

So, all being well I should be home this week! On oxygen.



Bailey the gerbil got the all clear from the vet today and will be back home with his brother after a period of isolation, having had a leg amputated..

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Hi Rob - glad to hear your good news - there's no place like home, is there :) The 2 litres oxygen you mentioned would be '2LPM' that is, 2 litres per minute. Will they have oxygen ready for you at home or are they sending some home with you? Anyhow, good to hear you are on the mend! best wishes, Parvati.


Hi Rob

Good to hear you are on the mend, hope you get home soon

Best wishes

Jo :-)


That's good news Val


Hi, Really good news, glad to heareverything going well for you and also for Bailey.


Hurrah! Good news. Hope your recovery continues well at home. TAD xx


All good wishes Rob. Continue feeling better with each passing day. Hope your gerbil is recovering well too. :)


Super news Rob, take it easy tho when you get home!!!! Glad your'e on the up!! x


goodie :))


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