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Hello from Breathing Space!

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Hi supporters, followers and British Lung Foundation members.

I'm Allie, the editor of the BLF's membership magazine Breathing Space. I thought I'd introduce myself and welcome you all to the forum.

From time to time when I'm putting together articles and features for the magazine, I'll drop by looking for people who are willing to share their experiences of different things. I know there are lots of inspiring stories out there and I look forward to hearing them!

Meanwhile, keep posting your comments, questions and blogs. We're here to help however we can.

Sending best wishes from Breathing Space HQ!

We are the British Lung Foundation.

Leading the fight against lung disease.

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Hi Allie, good to see you here. You do a good job of the Breathing Space magazine.

Thank you and best wishes back to you and all at Breathing Space, BLF



Never heard of the magazine before.....how do you get one please?

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Hi there

As Zoee says, Breathing Space is the membership magazine of the BLF. Have a look at blf.org.uk/Page/Join-The-BLF-2 and find out what other benefits you could enjoy by becoming a member. We'd love to have you!

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You need to join as a member of BLF tanyamarie:


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tanyamarie in reply to Hidden

thought I did.....will check it out thanks hun

Hi Allie,

You all do a great job with Breathing Spaces, always very informative & a great read.

Best wishes

Jo :-)

Hi Allie, its good to hear from you. look forward to the next breathing Space mag.

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Thank you for all your comments. I'm glad you enjoy the magazine.

Hi Allie.Superb magazine full of tips and information plus your readers input.

Hi Allie.A late welcome,but a warm one from me.Try my Breathing Space competiton soup recipe coming your way,you will love it?

Richard Cornish


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