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After over 10 years, I have changed GP. I was diagnosed with COPD about 18 months ago. My new GP has found that I am not, in fact, on COPD meds but meds for asthma. One anti allergen I was on should be taken in the evening - I was told morning. I am now booked in to have a full MOT!! I have blood tests, spiro and a reversibility test Thurs and Fri with a view to fine tuning CORRECT medication. I feel so relieved as I was getting terribly depressed at the fact my old surgery left me to get on with it alone and when I came out of hospital at Easter after Pneumonia, I had to contact the GP with a million questions and he just booked me in with the nurse there who, when I asked if anyone at the surgery knew about COPD, told me "well **** has been on a two day course so she knows more than me" - that clinched it and I changed to a larger practice where I am not made to feel like a nuisance and where I am receiving proper treatment. I'm astonished that my case is by no means unusual. I highly recommend changing if you too are being treated badly.

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  • Thank you Stitch - I really, really hope you too manage to find the right one too. :D

  • Hiya Stitch,

    Why don't you do what I did and request a meeting with the practice manager? I did that when my dads specialist sent him home to die (for want of better words) back in May. I felt know one at the surgery knew how serious dads illness was and he wasn't really being looked after. I wrote a list of questions down which I left with the Practice Manager and asked that 1 doctor take over my dads care and makes sure they know all about it. Had an appointment then the following week with a doctor who looked over my notes and questions in the meantime and so we had a great discussion. I left feeling so much better and positive for my dad.

    Now whenever my dad needs to see the doc, she is fully aware of dads condition. Plus the asthma nurse looks after him well and generally all the staff are aware and the service is excellent. Try it hun, it can't make things worse xx

  • Congratulations on finding a good surgery! We are so reliant on doctors we assume that they know best - but especially with a long term chronic condition you need good informatio and the right meds. What a nightmare you have had. Thank God you have found the strength to find a new doc. Good Luck TAD xx

  • Thanks TAD for your reply - I certainly consider myself lucky - Goodness knows what the long term outcome would have been for me, had I stayed where I was.

  • Enough fighting a condition without docs on the wrong script well done you

  • Thank you Smoo - I'm so lucky to still have the strength to sort all this out! :)

  • Thank goodness he admitted his lack of knowledge, instead of leading you on down a path to God knows where. All the best for your future care :)

  • Well done Jancol for changing GP, I do however think that all people with COPD symptoms should be seen by a Respiratory Consultant and undergo all the relevant tests. Gp's generally do not have specialist knowledge of lung disease.

    Best wishes

    Jo :-)

  • Oh how I agree there Jo - It is almost as if this is a very rare condition which has GPs running around like headless chickens. I am sickened to learn that the reason we are not referred to a consultant is purely down to cost. The situation, is of course worsened, by the GPs now being responsible for their own spending. It's a wonderful world if you are rich!!

  • I agree 100%.

  • Thank you for this reply Gordon. What you say is so true, and haven't things changed so quickly? I really do hope you get to the bottom of your breathing difficulties, it may well be that you have both asthma and COPD. Keep your chin up and do keep chiseling away at them until you are satisfied with your medication and your care. All the best. ;)

  • yes it is like a lottery, some winners but sadly more losers and a lot accept the situations silently, stiff upper lip, soldier on and on like grand old duke of york would have it

  • Too true Arran. Unfortunately some are too weakened by the disease to do much about their own treatment. A sad indictment of the times that they have had to put their trust in someone who has not had the funds. or time to really help them.

  • This is what I need to do, change practices! I'm just to scared to do it while I have on going things like waiting results of xrays and being booked in for the camera down the nostril.. I will do it though because I honestly feel my gp thinks its all in my head..

    Good on ya for having the courage to change!


  • Hi Eviex, My daughter actually started me off on my new doctor quest! She went online and asked for practices within a 5 mile radius of me. Five came up and there was a really in-depth summary of their resources so I could make an informed choice. You could start by doing that and then, maybe, make enquiries about what to do about appointments you have booked already, test results etc. I do know that my medical records still have not followed me - apparently this can take a while. Good luck to you Eviex and I wish you well. Keep your chin up and you'll soon be sorted, i'm sure! ;)

  • Isn't the internet an amazing thing. Never thought to look on their for a gp..

    Thankyou x

  • Oh Eviex, there is nothing to it honest. You just select the practice where you want to go, hav an appointment to discuss your medical history etc and if you are both happy then your new surgery will do all the work. They will request your files from your current surgery, you don't even have to tell them. You leave it all to your new practice.

    And best of all you always have a full M.O.T when you join a new surgery so they know exactly what is wrong and how to treat it. There is nothing to be afraid of, go ahead and do it if you think you are not receiving the best care where you are now hun x

  • hi I see u have been booked for tubes up the nose with a camera,im at hope 24july for same its my hitus hernia playing up, u keep them in 24hr go bak nx day for out.if u have had it done wats it like,thank u

  • I didn't like the camera down the neck, not nice at all but the one down my nose I didn't feel a thing.. They do numb it with a spray though which helps. I wouldn't do the throat again if you paid me to..

  • hi /ye I had camera in my throat 9yr ago.i threw it out so they noked me out.an camera didn't find it,then went bk gp ,he said nothing on camera so u want berverian meal.i hd that at thamside and found hitus hernia,shows eh that camera not always ok.why u had tubes up ur nose for and was it for 24 hr then bk to have it removed,thanksand wat illness have u,i have copd,

  • I'm told I don't have copd but do have serious issues with breathlessness. I just started getting aslot of indigestion and losing my voice so had both cameras. I didn't have them for 24 hrs for me it was only a few moments.. Still have no idea whats causing the indigestion because everything was clear..

  • ask for a berverian meal,as a hitus hernia can cs breatheless ness its nothing the meal ive had it wud recommend that anytime,and it found my hitus were camera in mouth didn't.

  • Well done jancol, wishing you good future relations with you new doc and surgery. Have you seen a consultant yet? If not ask your new doc for a referral, then you will get thorough tests and assessments done.

    All good wishes to you.

  • Jancol,

    well dun hunny, so pleased for you. Hope you get what your after from your new surgery, you deserve to be looked after properly.

    Just a note for everyone though.......don't be afraid to ask your surgery what specialties are the GP's qualified in. Alot of GP's specialise in particular areas or have areas of a certain interest and you don't get to know as it s not published. They also promote certain conditions at various times of the year and it is worthwhile asking if they have a COPD event planned for the future, like a campaign you know.

    Also, alot of hospital consultants, work privately, like the Consultant my dad is seeing in Spire (old Bupa) in Cardiff. It is worth checking private hospitals websites to find out the specialties the docs practice in and then once you found one, ask your GP if they work for the NHS in a particular hospital. Most will, and you can ask your GP for a referral to them if your not happy with your current specialist.

    So, my dad is seing this doc in Spire who specialises in IPF but he also works for an NHS hospital too so if my dad needs a longer treatment plan then we may request he continue his care through the NHS as he wont be able to afford continuous private treatmnt.

    Hope that makes sense and helps.

  • hi Jancol

    im so pleased for you it helps if you have a doc that under stands . im still working towards that but ever hopeful . its grait to have the support on this web site and i call yous all my freinds .

    best wishes


  • well done proud of you

  • hi good for u,i changed my clown gp,have new1 now he is good same building but different practise,my new go owns it,ive read lots of blogs bout gps and ppl changing over its a shambles really the treatment we get of sum of them/my ex even ignored my xray what said copd,he said it were fine nothing there,been in that chair to long ignorance as took root,

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