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I am fortunate that my COPD is at present only mild

But I want to ask even though I have great difficulties in walking up stairs and up hills as long as i avoid them I am only a bit breathless. I have been diagnosed about 18 months ago but am finding I am getting increasingly tired even if im not doing much and I can sleep for hours extra afterwards. Is this normal and does anyone else with mild COPD find the same please?

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Hello, I care for my husband who has progressed to moderate/severe COPD so we have slowed down a lot. The best advise I can give you is to excercise! My husband was referred for a pulmonary rehab. course which has been amazing for him. It has taught him how to excercise properly. And given him lots of info about COPD and the correct use of meds. etc. My husband does get very tired now - he didn't used to ! BUT we get on with it and just take everything at his pace. Dont be too hard on yourself, take it at your pace. Ask your Doctor for any help they can give and the Breath Easy groups maybe able to help with the pulmonary rehab. My husband is definitely much better when he excercises and gets fit. Good luck. TAD xx

as others have said got to keep moving hypercat or it is a downer for you

I have what was termed very mild COPD and Asthma, I don't know my lung capacity so I can't get a handle on what they mean by very mild. I'm tired all the time, now I've been this way for years but I was only diagnosed in April this year. Looking back I think this COPD/Asthma has been creeping up on me for at least a year or two. I find that no matter how much sleep I have or work I do I'm always tired. This may or may not have anything to do with the above condition. I rarely avoid walking up steps or hills as I feel avoiding them will mean I'll quickly get to the point where I can't do go up them, sometimes I find it difficult, especially in winter at other times I can scoot up them. Exercise is great for this condition. I've never been in to it but since I was diagnosed and have learned a bit about it I've been exercising almost every day, even 30 - 60 mins of exercise before I go out is a big help.

Thanks Wiggins. I do try to do as much excercise as possible as I know this helps. Maybe I need to up it even more - sigh......x

Hi hypercat,

Don't avoid the stairs. you need to keep active, you have received good advice from those above. Exercise is so important to keep your muscle tone & help improve your stamina. Have you been offered pulmonary rehabilitation? if not please ask your GP to refer you. the course will enable you to manage your condition, provide you with a program of exercises that will improve your stamina & wellbeing. I have severe COPD and I'm on oxygen 24/7 but like Wiggins I do 30 - 60 mins of exercise most days, I do not always do it all at once, my motto is to 'do a bit rest a bit then do a bit more' Remember it's ok to be short of breath when exercising.

Best wishes

Jo :-)

Hello Hypercat,

Dont you stop moving dont stop using them stairs expand those lungs as much as u can if it gets to much take a break keep expanding you lungs as much as u can,its easy to get short of breath just stop and get your breathing under control,.and "Keep exercising"

Hi Hypercat..

as others have said,keeping fit through exercise and small changes each week,even just an extra 5 mins steady walking each week and building it up bit by bit will help..its good to breathe a little bit harder as i feel for me it gives the lungs a little workout which in turn will benifit you and lift your spirits..

Thanks for your advice everyone. I will take it on board. I dont think I was very clear in my original question!! I am no couch potato and Hose, I seem to have given you the wrong impression epecially - im no worry wart I have a good circle of friends and socialise (and smile) a lot. I love to laugh. Every day I take my sisters dog out up and down (mild) hills and up and down fields so I do get quite a bit of excercise. Im no couch potato. I try and do everything I always used to do but find i cant because im too tired. The breathless bit doesnt stop me but it does slow me down. And this bit for me isnt the real problem its just that I get so tired from doing ordinary things and this was never like me. I try to carry on but sometimes im too tired to move or talk any more and I find this depressing. And I end up sleeping for England. What im really asking is is this normal or is something else going on ie chronic fatigue? Any comments would be welcome. Thank you x

Hi Babster38 thanks for your reply. I do suffer with depression and on medication for it (for past 5 years). But my tiredness has got a lot worse in the past 12 months so I dont think its depression related. x

This will give you some very good reasons to exercise:


Well worth the read.

Thanks GeorgieBoy it was kind of you to send me the link. I have read it thoroughly and have taken it on board. Thanks again. x

I find I am more tired on waking but put this down to an active job and getting a bit older each day :(

Also I am very active in my job and life.. is your diet ok..? Sometimes nutrition plays a bigger part in all what we do as is extra vits.. I take vit C and B complex..try them for a while just 2c if it makes a difference..

Thanks scottyboy my diet not brilliant - I didnt think of that. I might well try vitamin C and B. It obviously works for you. x

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