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complet drainage of energy to my body

hi everyone my question is i was diagnosed at xmas with copd ,has a complete mot on myself , but the breathflusness , and complete drain of energy , is puzzling them , they have found nothing on the scan reports , but am waiting to have a camera to c wot is going on inside my body does copd cause comple and physical drainage of energy

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Hello andytyres :) From reading several blogs and answers recently I would say that yes, chronic fatigue is a side effect of COPD, but, as everyone is different you are taking the right route by having all the investigations available to determine the cause of your own tiredness.

Mine was due to a build up of CO2 in my system. This wasn't diagnosed until very recently (despite having been diagnosed with COPD in 2000) and I'm happy to report that my energy levels are now much better after being given a BiPAP machine to use at night, along with my oxygen.


thanks for ur reply,wot is chronic fatigue , and a build up of co2 in system


You're welcome :)

Chronic means persisting for a long time or constantly recurring and fatigue means tiredness. CO2, when it's allowed to build up, is a harmful gas but normally we breathe it out successfully. With COPD it can sometimes be difficult to do this and the gas builds up in the blood, causing extreme tiredness.

As I'm not a health professional, my description is perhaps a little basic. For further information you might like to ring the BLF Helpline, their number is on the 'Home' page of this site :)

I hope you manage to get your tiredness under control.

Best wishes



Didnt see your question when I typed my own very similiar. I feel very tired with COPD even though its only mild. I am wondering if I have a build up of CO2 as some of your answers suggest. I am finding a draining of my stamina and I find I need much more sleep than i used to as well so I can only assume that it is quite common. Hope you dont feel as alone now x


I have bronchiectasis and I am tired most of the time. I take vitamin D as my levels were very low which has helped a bit. I find that the weather affects me and I have to pace myself. Went to Goodwood Festival of Speed on Saturday - slept all the way home 2.5 hours. Did nothing on Sunday except go to the gym sleep and read!


I have mild copd + asthma. I was also falling asleep whenever I sat down to read or watch t.v.

I have been diagnosed with sleep apnoea and use a cpap machine. My energy levels are much greater and rarely fall asleep during the day. It was a total about turn in my life to discover fatigue was no longer a major issue.


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