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I was diagnosed with copd in april after being admitted to hospital with pneumonia. I have now had an infection for 4 weeks , how long will it linger I have taken 2 courses of antebiotics and dont feel any better . The pain is so bad how do people cope I feel useless as soon as I do something it knocks me back again .

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hello cathylauren :)

I think we COPD sufferers often don't realise what an effect a chest or other infection has on us, when 'normal' people can just shrug it off and feel ok again after a week or so. My community matron told me (after 4 hospital admissions November-February) that it takes a good six months to recover fully.

If you still don't feel much better in another week or so, perhaps another trip to see your gp wouldn't go amiss and maybe ask to see a respiratory specialist at your nearest hospital.

Hope you're feeling better soon.


Thanks Ellan my hospital appiontment is on Tuesday 3rd to see a specialist but looks like I'm going to have to re-arrange it because of the infection :-(

Still go and tell him how things are, Val

Whatever you do, don't change your appointment. Let the specialist see you as you are. It will let him/her see just how bad you are.

Such a shame you may have to miss your hospital appt as seeing your consultant would be the best thing for you right now.Maybe if you were up to it you could arrange patient transport to make things easier to get to the hospital? Just a thought...take care.

Please don't change your appointment to see the specialist, they need to see how bad you are. Infections take longer to clear up with copd because of the lung damage. It took me 6months to recover from a bad exacebation. Have you had a sputum sample tested? It could be that you need a different antibiotic.

Best wishes

Jo :-)

Know this feeling - i became ill over Christmas, managed to get back to work for 3 weeks in May and was so chuffed, went on holiday and became really ill again, i have now taken 8 lots of antibiotics but this time i don't feel the need for steroids (yet!) so fingers crossed.

Thanks everybody I thought as I had an infection I would't be able to be tested properly to see how far progressed my copd is, but you all seem to think it best I go maybe I will try to get there after all. I have also waited so long for the appointment . 6 months to clear is such a long time for the infection I didn't realise how it drained you . Once again thank you x

I agree with others cathylauren, try and get to your appointment, its important that you are seen having this difficulty. Initially I was very ill for 10 months, 5 x courses of anti biotics and long course of steroids, I couldn't do much at all, during that time went for test after test after test, finally I was diagnosed, then followed another 10 months of re conditioning, with pulmonary rehabilitation then continuation of same. Recommend this highly. Ask about it for later, often there is a waiting list to get on one.

Hopefully you will be lucky and this forthcoming visit will give you the meds to sort you out now so that it doesn't continue for much longer.

Wishing you a good visit with the consultant and a speedy recovery.

Take care and rest up over the weekend.

Thank you so much Zoee will def take your advice sounds like you had a really rough time and i'm glad you got sorted.I'm resting as much as possible . Thanks for you support x

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Hi stitch, the infection came 8 weeks after being discharged from hospital to treat the pneumonia . Thanks for the advice and I am def going to keep my appointment resting as much as I can right now .Thanks for your kind words and hope you are keeping well too x

Hi Cathy , Like Zoee i too agree that if at all possible you should keep your appointment so the doc can see you as you are now xx. I cried off a couple of times because i had a bad infection and didn't want to give it to all the other patients , the resp nurse told me not to keep away but to phone the docs secretary or the clinic to explain the situation and i would be given a mask on arrrival to stop giving or receiving bugs also hand gel xx. I hope you can get to the hospital ok and that someone can help you , perhaps use a wheelchair xx.

Thank you , good advice x

Keeping appointment and informing medical staff of infection is in full agreement with my thinking as you will not want to infect any patient with lung illness.

Have you had a sputum test - I seem to remember someone on the old blog who finally had a sputum test to find out exactly the best antibiotic to use. That cleared the 'nasties' as I think he called them.

Auntymary xx

Hi Auntymary , good advice sputum testing is vital for clearing the bugs xx

Hi Auntymary, hopefully I will be tested in hospital for all this, I'm not sure what is going to happen on my visit as this will be my first visit to a specialist . Thanks for the advice.

Well done with quitting smoking.

Not everyone does (some people writing on this BLF blog forum included) even though they are terribly ill, not mildly but severely.

Personally, I find it (as do doctors, some then) a waste of time talking about stuff if the primary and vital move hasn't been taken: stopping smoking.

Unfortunately not everyone can stop smoking. It took me a year after diagnosis to do it. Remember it's a crutch, when things get you down, you light up. It takes a complete new mind set to do it, or, as in my case Champix.

go see your consultant, when i get chest infections, it can take me a few months to get over it and end up being on 3 or 4 courses of antibiotics and steroids. I think i have another one now, cant get to the doctors at the moment. I get pain in my chest and my back too, i get on the best i can with things. Last september i had pneumonia virus in my right lung (most of the time its the right lung effected) and i was still moving my daughters and grandson into their new home from fri til sun, did have to have a couple of days rest after that before i could then clean my own house and get it back to normal. Good luck, hope you are feeling better soon x

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