Things are moving - literally!!

Hi all,I had a call out of the blue today from the senior nurse to the transplant team and I am going into hospital on sunday or monday (depending on bed availability) to have my 4-5 night stay to be assessed for suitability for transplant. I have had all these tests before but they have to be the most up to date results before giving me "the pager". I am very excited at the potential this may end up in my life saving operation!

On the advice of my consultant and common sense we decided to move into a house instead of trying to conquer the two flights of stairs to get to our apartment we currently live in, as the housing market is in the condition its in we have decided to rent out our place and just rent the house and we are due to move in there at the beginning of August and if my assessment goes well my hospitals average waiting time on the transplant list is 12 weeks it looks like we will just have enough time to get settled before i go in to have my op.

I hope my news brings hope to others in a similar position and restore faith in some that are losing theirs.

I will blog again when i am out of hospital

stay safe and breathe easy


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  • Very best of luck to you Tony and do keep up with the blogs. Hope the move goes well too


  • thank you Mulie

  • Wishing you all the very best Tony. Stay strong, thinking about you.

  • many thanks Ingy

  • All the very best Tony .... I'm looking forward to your first blog AFTER your operation ;)

  • thank you elian, im looking forward to that too!

  • All good wishes Tony - I'm looking forward to you telling us all about your op. Take good care - Sue

  • All the best Tony, so pleased for you.

  • Good luck Tony. Keep us informed.

  • So pleased for you...take care. Dorothy.

  • Good luck Val

  • Great news, best of luck.

  • Good luck! It's nice to hear something positive . I am new to the site but was diagnosed by The Brompton with NSIP with fibrosis in 2006,remained stable requiring no medication until 2009. Thought it was too good to be true. Anyway,now told I need.a single lung transplant, but at 61 years old not optimistic. Trying to arrange meeting with transplant coordinator. BTW, which hospital have you been referred to for the transplant?

    Wishing you all the best! Vivienne

  • Hi Vivienne thanks for your comments, a little about me, i am 38 and have had IPF since oct last year although not diagnosed until march this year, i now have PH too and take a cocktail of tablets and have to use oxygen to get around.

    I am very fortunate with where i live, i am only 10 minutes away from the new Queen Elizabeth hospital in Birmingham which having only been built a short time ago has the best of everything and is the major transplant centre for the midlands. I have great consultants and nurses and support staff around me and my wife has been my rock through all of what has happened to me over the last 8 months


  • Good luck xxxx

  • All the best.. x


  • Wishing you all the very best

    Jo :-)

  • thank you all for your comments, i feel the love and support


  • good news :)

  • Positive thoughts and good wishes coming your way Tony :-)

  • Hope all goes well, look frward to hearing from you when its all over & your'e up & about. Good luck x

  • Brilliant news, best wishes to you, look forward to reading your updates after your op

  • Whoop whoop!

    I am so thrilled for you Tony, that is fantastic news. I am sitting here grinning, I am so excited and don't even know you lol. I guess thats the great thing on here, we may never have met but we care for each other.

    Thinking of you over the next few days xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • good luck hope all is well for you god bless x

  • The very best of luck - TAD xxx

  • So pleased for you and all the very, very best. xxx

  • The very best of luck MrWheezy. I shall say a little prayer for you. My thoughts are with you Maximonkey

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