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Hi Folks

I think i must be one of the fortunate one's who managed to get the higest rate from D.L.A. After advice from B.L.F i went to our local citizens advice centre where it took two hours with two advisers to fill out the forms,when the letter arrived i left it on the table for two hours before opening as i convinced myself that it would be rejected,my advice to anyone dont try to fill out these forms without profecional help.The last two days have been so humid and having Pneumonitis have struggled with my breathing

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I agree, get the advice before you send in your form and for filling out the form, communicate difficulties you experience from day to day so your doctor is aware of these before ATOS write to them. I was awarded high support in ESA by following these things through. I just worried until I got the letter to say I have been awarded. It is a stressful time, so would advise every one to do as those have done who have alreaded been awarded either ESA or DLA. Good luck everyone, wishing all success.

Past two days have been difficult for many with the breathing, high humidity, high moisture content with all the rain, seems to affect so many of us.

Hope everyone is feeling better soon with their breathing.


Hi Zoee

Its great to hear you were successfull and awarded a high support.

As you said it can be very stressful and like a lot of people with any lung or any longterm health problems depression can be a factor thats when proffessional help when filling in these or any other forms is an absolute must,so keeping a diary of everyday problems can help for future use no matter how small they the appear the time.

I hope this weather changes soon so we can get out and about and enjoy our summer

When it arrives


I do agree with this Zoee but dont know if you know that DLA is a stand alone benefit. You can get it whilst on ESA or JSA or even if you are working. Its not tax deductible and doesnt affect any benefits you get or wages you earn.


hi , i had a support worker fill mine out with me on the 3rd may she sent bit all off the next day , and we still havent heard anything , she rang them last week and told her they are like 14 weeks behind , has antone else found this


yes my sister. She hasnt got any breathing problems but she was kicked of ESA even she has severe osteoarthritis. She is currently appealing and the wait will be around 4 months. Its the same everywhere I think as ATOS have targets to reach (seemingless regardless of the illness it appears). So more people are appealing hence the longer wait. Around 38 pc of appeals are successful so good luck. x


Thats the only way to do it keep a diary of all the things that affect you no matter how small they seem to be,some people find filling in these forms so difficult that they give up on them its as if they are trying to put people off filling them in,

I can only hope that you are successful if not just keep trying

By the way my spelling is terrible as well


I have been awarded DLA at the higher rate for mobility but nothing for care ( which i am appealing against) but ESA has been refused( again in the process of appeal) how do the government expect us to live on nothing and think thats ok? I have not been able to work since Nov 2011 and am now on oxygen to do anything apart from resting, clearly there is a problem with the system and DWP do not communicate with JobCentrePlus. If they did our claims would all be dealt with by one form and one department trusting what our doctors and specialists say in their reports and not getting silly people like ATOS involved.


Hi mrWheezy. If you live on your own and are appealing you can claim income support at a reduced rate while the appeal is going through. The amount is the same as Job Seekers Allowance. If your appeal is successful you will be awarded the extra ESA amount from the date it stopped. I used to work for the Department of Work and pensions so I do know this. Good luck with your appeal. x


Hi all , don't forget to photocopy all the forms you send in as they can get lost and a copy of exactly what you put is handy for re submitting and fielding any questions xxxx good luck to all when applying for help xxxx


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