And so now its my turn

Before puffthemagicdragon became ill, i wanted him for a long time to stop smoking.He always said if he stopped smoking, I must lose weight, which I agreed to at the time.

Well, he stopped smoking over a year ago, and finally, after reading up on dieting, making meal plans, and using up all the bad foods and fizzy drink in the house, (and generally procrastinating about it!) I am finally ready to start.

I have five stone to lose.I am determined to do this now.I have read that losing weight is also helpful to people suffering from lung problems (puff is a perfect weight so he doesn't need to lose any himself)

I think maybe if i concentrate on myself a bit more, i'll stop worrying about him so much ..........or maybe

Is anyone else trying to lose weight?

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  • Good luck Val

  • 'morning draagon :)

    I lost a lot of weight last year when I was beset by exacerbations of the COPD and now find I'm facing a constant battle to NOT put it all back on again. I bought myself a WiiFit and try to make sure I do at least 30 minutes on it every day. The exercises are as tough or as gentle as you want them to be. If I can, and the weather is fair, I also like to take a walk each day. Another good tip is to use a smaller plate for your meals.

    You'll soon see the benefits of losing a few pounds and this adds to the encouragement to lose more :)

    I wish you all the best in your endeavour xx

  • Saw a programme on tv a few months back people getting paid to lose weight, that may be a good incentive for you, its the NHS weight loss scheme, just did a quick web search and it looks like they have a support forum there too. check it out:

    Good luck.

  • Thank you Zoee Val and Elian,

    Elian you have done really well, I do not think i could keep up that much excercise, but i am planning to do some, I have some old excercise dvds i have never looked at.

  • I had a cholestrol test last nov and was told it was high, 6.4. Well to my reckoning my blood was probably 60% lurpak, so that had to go, and it did, am on benecol instead which is only ok tastewise so I dont spread it as thick as the 1" lurpak, that means I have cut down on bread, biscuits, anything that goes with butter. I don't weigh myself so havent a clue what I weigh, but my cholestrol level was 5.3 last check and my clothes are def looser. You might find its easier than you think, just a matter of common sense really, we know don't we what will make us chunky, but we don't always take any notice. I eat things that are low in fat but filling, like licorice and refreshers, and loads of fruit and fat free yoghurt instead of puddn and custard. Porridge is a good start to the day, filling, and skimmed milk instead of semi, substitution of foods rather than missing foods. Another tip, might seem silly, but if you feel peckish, have a teaspoon of picalili. If you can drink a swig of cider vinegar before a meal, helps to digest food and combats fat.

  • haha picallily, true story, when my mother was pregnant with me, for some reason she ate three jars of picalilly all at once.Then not surprisingly, she was ill, and now she can't look at the stuff!!!!!

  • thanks for the advice, amagram, my cholesterol was 5.9 at last test, and BMI was 33, not good.

    How did you get on by the way, I think i must have missed where you said?

  • get on?

  • oh, do you mean the midnight walk?, I put a blog on about it, its off the home page but on page 2 now.

  • thanks, i have found it now x

  • Hello...............the dreaded weight loss! Yes I do believe the more slimmer you are the easier your breathing and obviously general wellbeing. We all know what we should and shouldn't eat but its hard isn't it?

    I am not exactly Kate Moss and I need to lose weight. I have put on so much since having my little un..............I blame her lol!

    However I have made a few changes and am noticing my clothes are getting a bit looser. Threw my chip pan out. Oven chips it is. No more takeaways on a weekly basis......treat only. I am a clover girl, tried the less fat one but its yuk. I have sweetners in my tea.

    And what I am loving right now and have converted my friends to is this:

    Greek yoghurt with fruit and granola. Yum yum bubble gum. I used to buy it for a pound odd in asda pre-packed in the fruit section and thought hang on I can do my own. I buy the little packs of fruit, the kids ones 5 for £1.50, with apples, grapes, pear mainly. Thats just what I like. Plus no waste then for me. Then in the cereal isle asda good for you range, hawaiin mix in a blue turquisy bag. 90p summit like that. Absolutely delicious and better than a bar of choccy at times.

    Try it x

  • Thanks, Tanyamarie,

    i shall have to look out for those fruit packs.Amazing what you can recreate for yourself, cheaper and healthier, when you start to look at what is actually in the packs you buy.I am going for a mainly fruit and vegetable diet.Trying to cut out sugar, bread and cheese/butter/mayonnaise.Probably using more fresh herbs for flavour.I have already discovered that i like using fresh mint and lemon in my tea instead of sugar, which was surprising.

  • 1 thing i am changing now is the mayo that i use. I always buy the hellmans lighter one you know but in the paper on the w.e it said that to compensate for the lack of taste in the lighter varieties they add a heck of a lot more salt and sugar. So i will buy the full fat one now. If its tastier then i will use less cos it tastes better. Thats the theory anyway!

    Thats good with the tea, I love green tea, peppermint tea, I try em all. But a little of what you fancy does you good i reckon so dont cut it all out or you may have a "piggin out sesh" as I like to call it!

  • yes, what doesn't have fat, has added sugar, its a juggling process.

  • yes my fat content has halved, my sugar has doubled, but at least it wont affect my teeth, they are plastic

  • Hi,the secret to losing weight is not to think of it as dieting,but healthy eating.i was diagnosed with severe emphysema and bronchitis 2.5 years the time I weighed consultant recommended I lose around a stone,but I lost 4 stones.i now weigh 9st 7lb,having put on a stone since last sept,as I felt I was too small at is a constant should I,shouldn't I have a slice of cake,but everything in,plenty of fruit in the house for those snacking times.

    If I can do it,I'm sure you can,good luck.x

  • update on this, i have dropped from 15st to 14st since I wrote that, i've been walking and eating lots of fruit and veg and lentils.I think though the rest will be more difficult, you often lose a lot right at the start.

  • Another update, it has been a lot easier than I thought it would be.

    Now 13 and a half stone and counting.

  • Also my blood pressure was quite high and it has dropped down.

  • You are doing really well Puff! I only just noticed this old thread when I was searching for the other 'slimming ' thread. I have been dieting for about seven or eight weeks now with loads to lose :( I have really bumped up the exercise now too. It's great that your BP has dropped - what a bonus! I was told last bloods showed pre-diabetes (elevated blood sugars etc) and high cholesterol, so am hoping to get positive results for those by the time I reach my target weight. Hoping for an increase in my fev1 too - that would be fantastic. Keep up the good work, P :)

  • Hi Parvati, I'm sure you can do it.

    One thing I think is really helping is that I am drinking much more water than I was previously, sometimes when I ate I could have just been thirsty.Also the more I see coming off the more motivated I am.I found some favorite clothes I could not fit into for a while and am thinking about how good it will be to wear them again.

  • And another thing which helps is not to eat the same things i give puff!

    For example, he wants pie mash and carrots and peas today.Normally I would have the same, a whole pie!today I will have only a spoonful of pie, a little mash, some peas and do some extra carrots for myself.Much healthier.And if still hungry then i will eat a banana.

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