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Bronchitol update

I wonder if anyone has tried this I understand that it has been trialed here with good results and will be available soon. I wonder if anyone has any definitive information sounds like a breakthrough from what I have read. I am seeing a new specialist (thanks for all the advice on here) at the end of July and was going to ask about it.

Thanks in advance

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Havnt tried it ,but a very good aid for chest conditions, is a salt pipe ,can be bought on line .its amazing.;].

can't find Bronchital on the internet ??


But there have been trials which seem promising

The trials for Mannitol (bronchitol) for use in cystic fibrosis have been completed but NICE have preliminarily NOT recommended it be used on the NHS. A friend of mine from BRUS has been taking part in the trials for Mannitol use in non cf bronchiectasis and has found it to be of great benefit. The trials for non cf bronchiectasis are not het complete. This friend of mine is very proactive in her wishes for our brothers and sisters with cf should have access to this drug and I have put on a link for a petition to Andre Lansley.


I thought I had read somewhere that it was approved for bronchiectasis and should be available at the end of July I am thought it was being used in other countries with some success for treatment of bronchiectasis.

I've heard from someone it is available in Australia but not sure if that is for cf. In the UK it is important we fight on behalf of our cf friends. As far as bronchiectatics are concerned, once the trials are completed for non cf bronch, we will have no chance if NICE don't change their mind on this drug being available for our lovely c.f. friends.


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