FEV1/FVC ratio

I'm sure I must have known this in the past but blowed if I can remember what it's all about now, and can't find an explanation online. Does anyone know or have a good link to explain what it is, please?

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  • Hi Stitch, hope your visit with the doc went ok this morning.

    FEV1 FVC ratio can be explained a little bit more if you scroll down this page:



    Forced vital capacity

    Volume of lungs from full inspiration to forced maximal expiration. It is reduced in restrictive disease, and in obstructive disease if air trapping occurs.


    Forced expiratory volume in one second

    Volume of air expelled in the first second of a forced expiration. Reduced in both obstructive and restrictive disease.
  • This is the best site to understand copd. I have wasted so much time on other sites, and not understanding. Thank you!
  • Am tired and stressed so probably not comprehending properly but can't see the connection between this and my question?
  • Looked at the link and can't find an explanation of the fev1/fvc ratio.
  • Thank you Zoee, yes, good result at doctors, thank you. Got the go-ahead for the gym. :)
  • Great news :) happy for you.
  • great news, hope you enjoy urself and take care too x
  • am told that ...
    FEV 1 is the amount of air (by litres or part of litres) you blow out in one second;
    FEV6 is the amount of air you blow out in 6 seconds;
    FEV1/FEV6 is the percentage figure - so if it's .50, that means half the air blown out in the 6 seconds is blown out in the first second with the other half being blown out in the remaining 5 seconds.
    if it's .25, that's a quarter of the air blown out in first second of the total amount blown out in 6 seconds, so three quarters is blown out in the other 5 seconds
  • Thanks Julie xxx
  • tried to find out about that and saw something that said FEV6 is approx same figure.
  • Forced Expiratory Volume or F.E.V

    Forced Vital Capacity or F.V.C.

    the volume of air that can be forcibly expelled from the lungs after the maximum amount has been breathed in, still no wiser ?


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