has anyone tried oralmat ?

see this report - looks promising ?

Case History:

One 83-year-old wheelchair-bound woman with asthma and emphysema spent at least 2 hours a day on a nebulising machine. She also had a severe cough for years. Four days after starting to take Oralmat, her cough disappeared and she was able to reduce her medication. Three days later, her chest had cleared so dramatically that she was able to walk several blocks unaided.

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Not heard of Oralmat....sounds too good to be true would be amazing if it is.

am trying it, so will let you know results :)

let me know how you get on? xxxxxxx

Think I had a temporary reaction as sometimes happens with homeopathic remedy ... bronchoscope over couple days ... so gave up on it as couldn't deal with reaction well enough. Shame.

Well at least you try and I give you full marks for persevering ! I enjoy your posts as you are trying so hard to help everyone..xxx

Found another homeopathic remedy ... seems to be really helping...better than for months ... called oriclear lung formula ... from sinuswars. Fingers crossed:) x

Once again keep me informed,Its great you are looking into all these .I have never heard of it,but I think its great you are trying to help..xxxx

will do. result so far is bit less breathlessness and seem to be getting rid of stuck mucus. ... lots more coughing to get it up and out. we will see! xxx

Some times drinking water helps loosen the mucus..Hope it works xx

Will look forward to your findings Julie, its herbal so wont do any harm and hopefully some good. Good luck.

Had a look at Oralmat on the internet, looks good - will be interested on how you get on .


yes, will post a blog on experience after a couple of weeks trying it out. fingers crossed for us all :)

Like any other money making scheme - if it sounds too good to be true then it usually is just that. Can't see a link, but i doubt it is a medical document.

This does sound good for many things, was it recommended by your doctor or a friend that had used some for an illness ?

kind regards Ethel

it's been on my wishlist for a while - so can't remember where I first heard of it.

I do believe we can find things that help us massively. so we'll see :).

Hi is this similar to a salium or saline nebuliser? My asthma nurse mentioned she had two patients who were using this treatment with great results. One lady who was like me and had e-coli in the lungs had been without infection for 10 months. I am lookinng forward to trying it. Maximonkey

That sounds really positive, Maximonkey. looking forward to hearing how you get on with that. Oralmat is a natural extraction from Rye grass ! see

oralmat.co.uk/asthma2.html - (though seems to work with COPD too)

excerpts : How does Oralmat work?

How Oralmat works is still somewhat mysterious, but chemical analysis has revealed six active ingredients: phytoestrogens (including the well-documented hormone regulator genistein) co-enzyme Q10, squalene, and the potent immunity booster beta 1,3 glucan. Though researchers are still searching for the particular nutrient or nutrient combination in rye responsible for its overall healing power, we know that the individual constituents of rye extract have been proven in clinical and laboratory studies to….

Increase the immune system's ability to identify, weaken and destroy virus, fungal and bacterial infections.

Case History:

One 83-year-old wheelchair-bound woman with asthma and emphysema spent at least 2 hours a day on a nebulising machine. She also had a severe cough for years. Four days after starting to take Oralmat, her cough disappeared and she was able to reduce her medication. Three days later, her chest had cleared so dramatically that she was able to walk several blocks unaided.

don't think anyone has suggeste this as an alternative to medication - things like this are complementary to it. else we're daft, eh :)

Plain speaking here jk - I am very sceptical that this can have anything more than a placebo effect on your health at best, for the following reasons -

1. It has been around for years and if all these great results were really true then it would have been made into a mainstream drug by now and we would all be taking it.

2. It claims to be something approaching a 'cure all' having 'amazing results' on emphysema, asthma, eczema, rashes, cuts and wounds, and even cancer.

3. If a person is 'wheelchair- bound' at any age, let alone 83, no cure on this earth will have her walking 'several blocks'. Her muscles would be considerably weakened and it would require some serious physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

I would say the one great success with this 'Oralmat' would be in raising the makers/sellers bank balance.

it can't be patented so drug companies wouldn't touch it...it's natural. we'll see. eh :)

they are a pharma creating only these natural meds registered with FDA, as chemical drugs also must be - am told patents can't be registered for natural products and that's why the pharma industry isn't interested in producing natural medicines because there isn't the same profit available as competitors can.immediately make the same stuff. when you think it cost around £5million to develop a drug, makes commercial sense I suppose, though seems a shame that the natural world can't be properly exploited for health. Opium has been exploited thankfully by lots of pharma industry for a long time developing morphine. My Oralmat test starts today :)

Keep me informed please xx

JulieKay i can;t wait to hear how you get on taking this oralmat, these people seem to think it works .


Good luck Julie .

xx Gill .

thanks for the link :)

hi there all of you, i have found that some foods like chilies help my breathing, but i think i will try that more often but never do, anything is worth a try useing common sense , and not only that if we all talk about what we are doing it could save us a fortune, we are the best resorce BLF have, i can not understand why they do not make more of it because we are all looking for that little thing that will make life better, one that interests me are proper salt caves with dry airosol salt has anyone tried that at all, and the other one is does any one notice a differrence when they go to the coast, with the salt air,

i have been living with emphysema now since 05 at the moment fighting psudamonas, the GP is taking it seriouse now and so we might get some where,

keep puffing


Chillies, that's another good tip. Salt caves are said to be good for us - I entered one on hol, but I get claustrophobia and panicky poor breath as result - urrgh ! Think salty air at seaside does do me good - should go more often ! maybe as summer gets better, eh. Good luck, Richard with getting proper treatment now your doc is on board.

Hi Richard, I bought Salitair and it has made a difference to the asthma attacks I get..Thats all it is is dry salt from caves that apparently improve asthma..I was a bit dubious at first and on reading about one lady who has been on it for some time, tells me she rarely uses her inhaler now...Kindest regards Laura x

that last comment is too low to deserve a response

I was once in Greece i noticed a wart on my finger , i went to a chemist and he gave be a very small bottle of liquid i asked him what it was , he explained that it was made up from different plants ( don't ask me what plants ) he also said apply it in the morning and again at night using a cotton bud , he also said you will never get a wart again which i thought sounded dubious to say the least, a week later the wart was gone, that was 7 years ago and i have never had a wart since .

Sometimes people pour scorn on herbel without knowing if they work or not , i hope my post here about my experience with a herbal treatment makes some think again .

Is the glass half empty of half full?

My glass is always half full (unless we are talking Baileys) and we should all be positive about someone giving something a go and hoping it will make their lives just that little bit better eh?

There should be no room for pessimism on here......we have enough of that with our medical conditions.

Go Julie!

Thanks :))

years before Boots or other chemists sold Rescue remedy, I saw my Mum taking those drops, and her colour returned to her face as she avoided fainting (stress and grief after Dad died) .... Chemists caught on much later which is great as they are now much easier to get.

I am blown away by the generosity and warmth of most folk here. what a lovely start to my day, thankyou so much :)

Just a note to add re herbal help... years ago, in desperation of pain, I used Potters herbal remedy for gallstones and still went ahead with planned operation .. surgeon found they had dissolved !!! - he was stunned because he had never seen that before. I was too shy/ embarassed then to explain what I had taken so didn't add to communal knowledge.

My Mum had just before fed a tiny bit of queen bee honey daily for weeks to a coma patient who was predicted not to come round - he did on his birthday and he knew the date ! there just isn't enough knowledge around all these other natural treatments, partly because people often get treated badly if they speak of them. I wonder how many natural remedy takers are still in the closet :))

Am more inclined to ignore the doubters now and admit to tryiing things - if they help, great, and I pass on the info, if they don't, then no dfference except a bit of cash.

I don't know what was in it aretha it had a strong smell though not an unpleasant one, i wish i would have kept it so i could have helped others but i must have binned it sadly , i also take CoQ10 i find it boost my energy levels.

xx Gill

Co Q10 is at Boots chemist.

I get them from here 123basil .


xx Gill

Unfortunatly i can't stand any of those sammi123 Mackrel makes be ill i vomit if i eat it but thanks for the tip .

xx Gill .

Hi Gillwigan, I can't seem to find them on the site you have posted. Are they under another name? Thanks, await yoiur reply in anticipation x

Co Enzyme looks the thing marytaz but been wrong b4

Please keep us updated juliekkay, they look promising.

Here you go marytaz just click on the link below .


xx Gill

Tanks Gill. Are these tablets the same as Oralmat?x

can't quite believe what I have achieved yesterday and today - 3rd day on Orlamat - 10 hours in garden - must have walked miles and chopped up half a tree, lifted heavy items etc etc.

Not been on my feet for so long for ages and now have very sore feet :)

On my own have just lifted a really heavy long parcel (iron fittings for 6' garden swing) onto its side so I could protect from more rain with a cover - for the last several days rain, I had just looked at it, feeling incapable of doing anything - this lifting made me breathless and recovered quite quickly. I am astounded at all that.

I have also been having acupuncture for 6 weeks and seen a difference (eg peakflow up by 30) ... Oralmat seems to be really adding benefit as well already. I do not feel daunted by my day - wheeee - have to shower, go out shopping, feed birds, carry boxes into greenhouse, look after 5 cats, hunt for my glasses I have now left somewhere in the garden, change my bed and do washing, albeit all rather slowly :)

Hoping I have more good news to report over next few weeks. (ps also rescued a baby bird wrapped in netting this morning that required me to go a little faster than slow:) the netting is now thrown and sweetcorn open to the birds etc...ah well, first things first.

Hi Julie,is the oralmat drops which you are taking? Where did yiu gwt them from & how much are they, sounds really promising. I'm still so weak after a exerberation of COPD & a chest infection, 5 weeks on!! Would welcome yiour advice. Links others have posted are all in USA unless it's me not searcing correctly!! Wait for your reply soon I jope. Good luck & keep battling on,like everyone's said, just don't overdo it on good days, that's my problem too. We suffer then for days after!! xxx

Hi Marytaz. sorry to hear you're feeling weak...sometimes exacerbations take so long to get over, don't they. Yes, it's the Oralmat drops and though am tired after the daftly hectic days, and the muggy days. ... I think the drops are helping and have also learned my lesson and will take it easier when am feeling energetic :) I am also 6 weeks into acupuncture once a week then a maintenance schedule and I know that has helped a lot and less cough and mucus and stats of FEV, peakflow prove it - and also think this benefit has been added to by Oralmat. my view it's worth a go at both. see oralmat.co.uk/

BLF advise checking with doc first that the drops don't react to meds you're on.

Hi julie thats the link Ive been trying to use but it keeps saying server error so cant use it! Any ideas? So glad yoyre feeling so good, take care & thanks so much . Speak soon I hope xxx

OMG Julie, don't over do it, you may still need to pace yourself, let us know if you still feel you need a rest day or two after doing all of that. Glad you are feeling great, could well be the combination of the accupuncture and Oralmat. Take care and enjoy.

Hi Zoee. Thought last night when sooo tired that I would not be able to do much today and was quite prepared for that. And am fine today. (except for delightfully sore feet) And you are right, yes, I will need to not be daft. It probably was a daft risk to lift that parcel... won't do anything that daft again, promise. I think I needed to test myself - so that's test done and not to be repeated.

I want some!! xxx

Hi everyone

I hope you are all well today (and juliekay hope your feet arn't too sore!)

Without independent clinical trials on remedies such as Oralmat and others it is always to difficult to actually verify how these things work. Some herbal remedies (such as St Johns Wort) can actually interfere with conventional medicine, so it is always wise to check with a GP.

The danger can be when been treatments which are offered over the internet for vast sums of money promising complete cures.

At the same time if the remedies are not trialled and tested to assess their claims it is hard to dismiss them.

Bottom line - always check with your doctor first before taking them and keep an open mind - when we are feeling desperate it can be easy to believe wild claims.



similar advice on Oralmat website. Yes, I agree it's best to be cautious with anything we try to help with our condition. Must say

I am feeling much better even on such a muggy day !

Oralmat Drops for treatment of asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, hay fever and other respiratory illnesses. Over twenty years of Australian research and Development has resulted in three exceptional healing products.

This stuff really does work! Helped my mum loads


thanks ... will try again then.

Oralmat Drops for treatment of asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, hay fever and other respiratory illnesses.


The all-natural and effective remedy made from Rye Grass

Rye extract provides one of the widest spectrums of naturally occurring nutrients available in a single source.

Rye is a pure herbal extract that acts as:

An anti-inflammatory






Laboratory testing has revealed Oralmat to be completely gluten-free and pollen-free!

The Oralmat range is known to be effective in relieving the symptoms of a number of different ailments including asthma, bronchitis, emphysema and other respiratory diseases as well as chronic fatigue, hay fever and allergies.


Hi yes just come across oralmat... Great stuff...


Looks like they have just relaunched

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