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Walking with 'di and ama'

OK so i know i'm daft already, but i figure as dionne is out walking and running at some unearthly hour each morning preparing for the 'three peaks' - and as amagran has been 'walking the walk' ready for tomorrow, then i would like to join them 'in sisterhood' and do a mile walk each morning. This i shall do for the next 14 days up to the day of the 'three peaks'. On that day i will do 3 miles - one for each peak. If anyone else feels inspired to 'walk the walk' in sisterhood that would be great - it doesn't have to be a mile - just go with your own maximum. By three peaks day i will be 18 miles fitter - what a bonus :) Of course that's nothing compared to the bonus of having people like dionne, putting their all into raising funds to help folks like us! Right - i'm off out the door ..... Parvati :)

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What a super idea Parvati. It is raining cats and dogs in my neighbourhood, hope it's not like that for you out walking.

Well today was my third morning mile and so far it's been dry but very windy - which i love - blows the cobwebs from your mind! Weather a bit dodgy for my afternoon mile yesterday though - came home sodden :(

wow that is such agood idea, as long as you are up to it. I will be with you in spirit. Thankyou.

if you think you are daft though,, shall I tell you what i am wearing for the 80's bash tht Dionne has organised for the 29th June, again profits to the british lung foundaton.

Red Tshirt, with uptown girl printed on the back.

black leggings under a fleurescent 7 coloured net rara mini frill. 7 colour leg warmers, fleurescent bracelets and a red and pink hair extension fastened on with a red rose. mmmmmmm ott?

erm all this is on an overweight white haired pensioner well past her sell by date.

So today is the day that you get to wear those gladrags amagran ;) Here's hoping you have a truly fantastic time! best wishes from Parvati.

amagran! That's even braver than the walk you are doing! P ;)

you are AMAZING Parvati!! xxxx

Have a great party Dionne - i only wish i could be there! Then it really is the big countdown - this time next week you'll be at Ben Nevis!!! Also CONGRATULATIONS on having reached and passed the £2,000 mark!! What an achievement already! Best wishes - and have lots of fun, Parvati.

PS. I have kept up with my walks - still pretty slow but will be doing the 3 plus miles around a local lake next week in 'solidarity' with you and the team. Thanks for the inspiration ;)

hmmm.... really do think it's you and your team mates climbing those three peaks who are amazing! And your mum doing the midnight walk tonight - now that's amazing too - hope you both have and share a lovely experience together!

P :)

(I did my 'extra mile' yesterday and again this morning - makes me feel really good for the rest of the day, and slept eight hours last night for the first time in years!) x

hoping it benefits my 'hidden' waistline too ;)

Parvati - this is inspirational, BLF Active is so impressed with what you're doing, keep it up!

Thank you Katie. I have kept up with the walks and am now doing a minimum of one mile each morning and another mile each evening. Hopefully by the time of Dionne's three peaks walk i will be able to complete 3.5 miles in one go (walking at my own best pace). I will be doing it here;

I will let you know how i get on ;) Parvati

go go go Parvati!!!

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