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Went to visit a couple of the women from work today, usual chit chat until one of them said was speaking to Paul (boss) asking him if he had heard anything form you? His reply - oh don't know if Val is going to get back this time!

(but they must have already discussed it)

She said you can come and work downstairs just give him a list of when Graham (hubby) can bring you down to the office!

Said I do hope to return but waiting of them sorting various things out!

ABG's - struggling getting around with the oxygen

Saline to put through the nebuliser

Anti fungal meds to start!

Graham went to pick my sick note up today no record of him ringing up on Monday?

Feel like things are just slipping away and no one is doing anything.

Have an appointment 2nd July with my GP he's on holiday until then will probably blow my stack but need to get things moving, want to get back to work but they are not helping me! Val

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Val you need to be fully recovered before going back to work, it sounds like your work is taking into account your situation with the suggestion of working on ground floor level.

NHS can't be hurried sadly, its unfortunate your doc is on holiday as he/she could chase up the ABG testing. I wonder if there is another doc at your surgery who can chase things up for you, prescribe the saline for the nebuliser and anti fungal med?

Even if you can get to see another doc I would still keep your July appointment with your regular doctor just so you can chase anything else up that is still outstanding.

Hope things work out for you soon.

Take good care.



Thanks Zoe just so frustrated! Don't think any of the other GP's will be able to sort anything when I go to see them they just send me to the hospital! So will have to wait and bide my time it's just so hard! Val


feeling really bad too Val, cant stop sleeping and when i'm awake i just want to sleep, rang the doctor and the earliest i can get an appointment is 29th - just want to sleeeeeeeeeee.....................zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Wakey wakey!

Sorry to read your feeling bad.......I'll wave my wand for you to hun. What Stitch said about an emerg appoint is a good idea, try it if yu havn't. I know tiredness is alot to do with your illness, is there anything the docs can give you to help? Or is it also a side effect of a medication you may be taking? You be surprised how many meds out there, just by changing the time of day you take them can have a different effect.


Sorry to hear you are not well you have not be well for a few weeks now.Pity your DLA appointment was the other week and not now. They seem to catch people when they are having a good week. TAKE CARE


I know Stitch! it's me and the way I feel today.

Will be going out and about with Graham Fri Sat as he is off, I make the most of it just want things sorting and if it means waiting till the 2nd then I will have to wait and as you say rest thanks Val


Can you not get an emergency appointment before that date? Hopeless eh!

You tread water in this game want to get going but not going anywhere ha ha Val x


Val, I am so sorry to read how frustrated you are. If I had a magic wand I would wave it, you would be better and be back in work!!!! Or on a beach somewhere exotic.....................

I have absolutely no patience at times and when I want things I want them now. Unfortunately the whole Nhs runs on a go slow most of the time, or at least it feels that way, like Zoe said, but maybe another Doc could help. If you don't ask, you don't get and the more you ask the more you get.

I keep asking for Brad Pitt but this Jolie woman beat me to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ha ha you made me smile it's good we can chat on here it does me the world of good - Thank you xxx


Then mission that makes me think of Mr Cruise.....................


Ha ha :)


Just so long as you're not thinking of Johnny Depp tanyamarie ....... I'm first in the queue for his favours now the split has been announced between him and Vanessa Paradis ;) lol .....


ooh, you got me thinking now. Actually you can have him.................unless he is in pirate mode, then he's mine lol!


Work will still be there long after you, or I, are gone valm, so close your eyes, take a deep breath (well, as deep as you can ;) ) and reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelax :) that at least should take away a little of the stress.

After all, July isn't that far away :)


Thank you x


We are as a nation far too tasky methinks. Work is to help us live, not the other way around. Take the opportunity to rest and recuperate so you will be fitter when back at work :) Putting health before work is hard in this time, and if you can, then do. I remember my Dad telling me of his auntie who in her few precious hours of free time she insisted on scrubbing her house step every week no matter the weather ! His view was that her life was pretty barren of fun, and very full of tasks. She died early so didn't even enjoy retirement.


Your right and thank you Val


I suspect you are feeling a bit better - you are getting frustrated and it is the most irritating part of getting better and moving on. You sound like my husband who really does get grumpy and frustrated !!! What about trying another doctor? Don't get stressed - you can only go back to work when you are ready to go - and it won't do your health any good. My husbands breathing gets really bad with any stress! Work is work and you have to put your own health first. I can't say enjoy the summer weather.......... but try just rest and recover! Take good care TAD xx


I was thinking to myself yesterday when they were on about going back to work! How long it takes me to get up and ready? Have to go at my pace which is slow ha ha your talking at least a couple of hours, then getting to the office and back that my day gone! No I am not quite ready but if they get those tests etc done then hopefully getting closer ;) Val


Hi Valm, sorry you are having such a stressful time, made worse by worrying about your job etc. Are you in a union? go to them if necessary. If you are not phone you HR dept and ask them to visit you at home to discuss your job and needs, do not delay things until you GP returns and if necessary make an appt with another GP in the surgery who is kind and sympathetic. My daughter went thro something similar to you and she has lived thro it. Good luck Maximonkey and I hope this helps.


I'm currently off work too, so I know how frustrating you are feeling!! The biggest problem is day you get up and can get ready quite well,the next you can be so out of breath it takes you an hour or so just to get going! Unfortunately I feel management do not realise how this illness effects us daily. I have been to Occupational Therapy and mentioned this, as I believe they really need educating on how our illness varies so much from day to day. I want to return to work soon too, but I am going to put my health first this time. I always go back too soon and then normal work routines are expected!! Hope with advice from OH maybe work will be a little more understanding. We might look ok, doesn't mean we are feeling it!!! Good luck with your'e tests.


Thank you all for your replies my GP has been on the phone today will have to ring back Monday so hoping it's about the anti fungal meds, Graham rang to speak to the 02 nurse guess what she is away till the 2nd July??? One hand doesn't know what the other is doing, we will get this all sorted it's just the time it's taking Val


With work there are a lot of varying situations, defined by the size of the company, amount of employees.

The above is one framework.

Obviously people want to hang on to their jobs, still, whether it is okay to do so, depends on a number of angles within another framework.

If someone breaks a leg, then okay, that can happen and you shouldn't lose your job even if you are in a small firm and others have to pick up your work for a while, because in small firms, it is often not possible to pay the person who is ill and to bring someone in on a temp basis, so a small firm without wads of cash behind it, has a tougher time of it, when a person is absent through illness.

However, on the basis of goodwill and camaraderie, your fellow workers ought to pick up the slack without any complaints.

Then beside the two frameworks above, there is another, and that's the one of a person incurably ill, and often away for extended period, I think, though it is not nice, seeing as the person who is ill obviously wishes to keep the job, that even the firm with money behind it, cannot really deal with a situation where there is a regular shortage of man/woman power, even for the firm with money to support it, it's still costing them a lot of extra money.

So I'd say, the main criteria when trying to work out i someone is being treated unfairly, is to look at whether the person when present, can actually do their job well.

That needs to be considered and then how often i that person away on the sick.

Though I understand the person with an illness, I can see it from the point of an employer and also, what is possibly, the viewpoints of co-workers. For instance, if the co-workers, unlike with the one-off broken leg scenario, have to keep on doing extra work, I reckon that no matter how much they may like you, they still may at some point feel as if the situation is untenable, tha'ts if the one person is off ill on a regular basis and they have to carry out all of those extra tasks.

Co-workers may then discuss certain things but it does not necessarily mean they are nasty or doing sneaky stuff.

That's unless they are plainly nasty and are in no way supportive, ever, I reckon it's not that hard to work out what is what and who is who.

I'm in a line of wok where my last assignment is my bargaining chip, I'm only as good as the last job delivered.

So that is hard, it means certain freedoms but is unlike work carried out for an employer where there are all of those rights people fought for for ages.

Women didn't even have the right to vote a while back, and a while means not hundreds of years ago but relatively recently.

Still, If I worked in a small garage, knew everyone and they wee my friends too, at a certain point, if I kept staying off ill, I'd feel uncomfortable if I knew the owner was having trouble keeping things running because of me, me being absent and it being a stress on others, at that point I'd want to leave, as it is also other people's livelihoods at stake.

In a big firm this is no way as acutely crucial, so I think that one ought to be able to expect more rope.


Ours is a small company approx 60 in total mostly community carer's about 9 in the office doing varying hours. I know they will change things for me to get back the big question is will I be able to get back? Will I ever get back to what I was before this last infection?

Will have to wait and see when they get their fingers out and sort these tests etc so once again it's a waiting game Val


Valm I used to work for the department of work and pensions and your employer should be able to make adjustments to your working life ie extra breaks, different tasks etc. They can also get an occupationional health report and you might be entitled to extra days holiday on account of your illness or other things. Your employer has a duty of care towards you and is breaking the health and safety law if they fail this. However I was sacked through time off sick for copd, asthma and stress. Because I had quite a lot of time off i now cant get a job because of my sickness record. But it sounds like you have a good relationship with your employers xx


Thank you for that info Val


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