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Hi all told i had copd in march this year after suffering for almost 3 yrs and not doing anything about it

I have been given seretide 500 and ventolin i must admit i dont feel any better i have had to give up my job as a carpenter i just cant do it any more Do people with copd suffer with headaches,shaky hands, lots of phlegm, coughing fits at night, chest tightening, wheezing LOUD at night that upsets my wife.The Doctors haven't really told me what copd is or what symptons do i just sit there when i cant breath or do i call a ambulance ?I was really active up untill late last year but now i can hardly do anything with out it taking 10 times longer thats what i find the most depressing im only 43.

I'm hoping someone can help me on this forum thanks for your time in answering.

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I am only a carer, but you need to see another dr. You need the tests like x ray, blood gases etc. If you are struggling to breathe you must get an ambulance, you need to be seen . as I say I'm just a carer, am sure there will be others on here can advise you . hang in there. they are a smashing bunch on here


Do go to your GP and ask for further tests to be done? Referral to see a consultant, to see which will be the best way forward for you.Tell them you need more information and help Val


Hi Gary

Welcome. I am so sorry you have not been better informed about COPD.

Its important for anyone with lung damage to get treatment asap. Please communicate all your symptoms to your doctor soonest. You need to take extra care of your lungs from here on and not delay when your symptoms deteriorate in any way. Lung infections need treating asap.

Ask your doc for a referral to pulmonary rehabilitation, where you can learn how to manage your symptoms and preserve your lungs.

If you are still smoking you really need to kick that habit in order to help prevent further lung damage.

The shaking hands and headaches could be an over use of your medication, dose shouldn't exceed as prescribed for you. (see also leaflet that comes with your medications). On the other hand the cause could be something entirely different, so it is important to communicate these symptoms to your doctor.

If you are not under a respiratory consultant already ask your GP for a referral.

The BLF helpline is a great source of information its a freephone number open 10 am to 6pm normal working weekend days. 03000 030 5555

The helpline can send you an information pack or you can check their home pages:

Time to start taking good care of yourself.



From the way I was first treated ( excuse the pun ) by my previous doctor I would have gone straight to A&E when I was feeling really breathless. One thing it does is make you feel less anxious and I find them really helpful. The other is it will hopefully get the ball rolling with your doctor.


Hi Gary as everyone says the shaking could be from your inhaler, I've never had that yet but I believe it can happen. I have had a cough since January/February time that won't fully go away and I bring phlegm up nearly every day for most of the day when i do, though it's nearly always clear phlegm. I also have a wheez when I get up in a morning which goes away after I've used my inhaler but returns at about 9 pm most evenings when I use my inhaler again. The tight chest could be a chest infection, though in cold weather or too much exercion I get a different kind of tightness, as though my lungs won't expand anymore and they've reached their limit. You really do need to see someone quickly to get yourself assessed and get some medication working.


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