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Hi All, I'm thinking of asking to see my medical records, and am especially interested to see whats been recorded over the last couple of years, also would like a copy of my Spirometry Test. On my Medical Practice's website, it states it can cost from between £20 to £40 and states cost of each copy 15p. As Iv never asked, or seen my medical records before, can anyone give me any feedback on this, Im due to see my GP, this Friday, as I STILL HAVENT HAD MY HOSPITAL APPOINTMENT frustrating !!!!! and am getting more poorly each day. Thankyou in advance.

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  • it is really strange but we all know we can get a copy of our medical records but i would have no idea how to go about it -

    good luck

  • You may want to phone the BLF helpline on this first to be sure of your rights as a patient and accepted procedures and practices throughtout UK concerning charging fees for copies of documents etc. Might give a clearer understanding before you see your GP.

  • serene1 try and just ask your doctor it would seem strange that he would not show you these documents Good Luck.

  • We all ahve a right to access our medical records but at a cost - my local hospital - Ipswich - charges around £50 to cover the "admin cost" BUT be aware they they can withold certain parts of the records that they decide may be injurious to your current health / perception of health

  • Hi Serene1 ,

    I have had no trouble getting copies of records from hospital , got a great wad through the post . My GP just let me look through my records and choose what i wanted copied . I live in Ireland so rules may be different although i did also request my notes from THE ROYAL BROMPTON in London and also got those sent to my local hospital at no charge , they were all very helpful . The hospital records were obtained by writing to the central records dept and the GP i just asked . It might be an idea to ask Citizens Advice Beauraux or as zoee suggested ask BLF for advice , good luck , i hope you get your records ok xx

  • Anyone can see any information being held about them, it is down to the company/organisation if they charge. We wanted to see my dads medical records back in May and I requested a meeting with the Practice Manager and discussed my reasons. I then had copies of everything at no charge. I also had a follow up meeting with his GP who went through the documents with me to ensure that i understood everything and answer any queations I may have etc.

  • Thankyou all for your answers and information, very helpfull, as I have booked appointment with my Doctor on Friday, think I will ask her first, see what happens, she has been very good with me so far, will let you all know how it goes, thanks again all of you.

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