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I have COPD and have developed severe arm pains


the pains in my arms seem to emanate from my wrist joints, elbows and shoulders, together with muscle pain. I have only just changed doctors surgeries and am due for a "first visit once-over" on Thursday, but I am concerned that this pain is nothing to do with my COPD and am a bit loath to mention it in case they think they have a hypercondriac (spelling!!) on their hands. Do these symptoms seem familiar with anyone else. I haven't managed to get more than 4 hours max sleep per night for the past month.

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jancol in reply to Hidden

Thank you Elora - I think you're right, I will mention it as I had a really bad night last night. I haven't smoked for 18 months. The trouble at the mo is that I'm too tired to go for the walks I used to go on - it's a bit of a "catch 22" situation!! But, thank you very much for your help - on second thoughts, it may well be my medications - I'll tell the doc. Thanks again and all the best to you..

I think you should make it a priority to bring this to the doctors attention. It may not have nothing directly to do with your copd, but your body works much harder with copd. The fact you have these pains and are so tired to me says you should see the doctor as quickly as possible to get checked out. All the best with your appointment.

thank yu derrylynne - I have an appointment now for Thursday. Thank you for taking the trouble to answer me. Hope all's well with you. Regards.

Hello Jancol,

I totally agree with the others, it doesn't sound right to me and glad that you have a Dr's appointment to follow it up. Never be afraid to discuss anything with your GP. What may seem trivial to us may actually be the "thing" that binds all your ailments together and enable the GP to give a diagnosis. Good luck ad keep your chin up. Hopefully you will get a good nights sleep swn xx

Thanks tanyamarie I'm very grateful for your comments - I'll post up the results after Thursday's appointment. xx


I agree, you should definitely mention your pains, it could be any of your recent medications or even something you have been taking for some time, statins for instance can cause these symptoms further down the line also some of the anti biotics have been known to cause similar symptoms and of course it could be something entirely different, always worth getting this investigated for peace of mind.

Good wishes for your results on Thursday.


I had this which artarted in my hands/wrists and then went into my elbows, was prescribed with Neural which has helped a great deal over the last two years. You should see you doctor and not ignore it.

Thank you Zoee, David and Ferns, I will certainly let everyone know how I get on - thank you all for your feedback. :)

Funny enough I to have had these symptoms for a few weeks.how odd to come on here and read that someone else has exactly the same.....I must be honest I just put it down to arthritis,or just age(I'm 57)...never dreamt it could be because of my copd.

I'm gonna make an appointment for my doc ASAP.

criss in reply to Fantasy3

Yes i have also had arm and shoulder pain for quite a while and COPD and i have a feeling it is connected as i read about it somewhere.

jancol in reply to Fantasy3

hi Fantasy3 - sorry - only just got this -(I'm also 57 by the way!!) Had a word with my sister who's a Nursing Sister and she thought it might be the way I sit with my laptop each evening and the repetitive action of using the mouse etc. I have switched to touch pad only and I must say the pains are much less severe now and I have not had to have pain killers for two nights. I have a check u due next week now so i will still mention it. Thanks for your reply.

alvorite in reply to Fantasy3

Me too...ive had awful aching muscles in my arms plus pain in my elbow and shoulders. I'm going to make an app on Monday (maybe Tues lol can't get through on a monday) let us know how you get on..good luck x

Caspiana in reply to alvorite

Hello alvorite .

This post is five years old. You probably didn't notice. 😃 I hope your appointment goes well. xx

alvorite in reply to Caspiana

Caspiana thanks for that lol...obviously I hadn't noticed the date on the post, to be honest I've never thought to look 🙈 but I will in future x

Hi jancol,

I don't actually use a laptop,I've got an iPad...so I don't think that would be causing it.

My skin actually sometimes feels sore to touch,on my arms,as well as the pains,or aches in my muscle and joints.i am waiting to attend pr,and have been since April.

Although I am exercising at home I feel I am getting more and more breathless.

Btw,I haven't smoked for 11.5 years.and was diagnosed 2.5 years ago with severe emphysema and bronchitis.

I do hope your doc app goes ok

Take care

i found that taking stronger furosemide I would get pains in my arms and legs I am now down to20mg a day and feel alot better now

Hello jancol .

I am sorry to hear about your pain. Is the pain worse at night or in the mornings when you wake up? I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and before us got treatment the pain was dreadful. It was so bad it prevented me from sleeping. I am not suggesting you have this, but I definitely think you must bring it up with your doctor for further investigation. You are not a hypochondriac. You are in pain. Please don't hesitate to discuss it don't stop until you find out why.

I will be thinking of you on Thursday. Please let us know how things go.

Sending a gentle hug.

Cas xx 🍀

Oh no. Just noticed this post is five years old. Sorry peeps. 😑

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