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Specialist Nurse Practitioners are crucial but under threat!

My local hospital has hit the local headlines because of massive financial deficits and of course somewhere cuts need to be made, but why is it when crunch time comes the number crunchers upstairs always think that cutting key posts that provide valuable support to patients in the community should be targeted? I have a variety of medical issues and benefit greatly from treatment by a specialist nurse. My twice weekly treatments keep me well, out of hospital, and as a result my treatment costs are kept to a minimum. My day to day life has improved greatly and I can be much more independent. I was shocked this morning to discover that this nurse and the services I use are under threat. If I lose them not only will my quality of life slip again, the cost of my care will increase because I will need to see consultants more often, have higher drug bills and possibly more hospital admissions. For a hospital wishing to make massive savings, the sums really don't add up.

Everyone from diabetes sufferers to respiratory sufferers face losing specialist nurses, and I am reliably informed that this issue is not confined to my own local NHS Services. This process is going on through many health trusts, so for all of you who have the support of respiratory nurses make sure yours is protected and if not let your local health trust know you will fight for your specialist nurse.

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i know i am about to say something controversial but why don't they look at the unnecessary operations they do? In the newspapers a few weeks ago a man of 80 was to be given a sex change operation -


is this right at such a huge cost - this could probably fund 2 nurses for a year,

i have a home-inked, drunken night, tattoo, i hate it, it is on the front of my arm and visible for all to see, but i will not see if i can get it removed on the NHS because it was down to my stupidity that i have it and i don't see why someone who needs needs help through no fault of their own should pay for it by losing their services. - it annoys me that people get tattoos then 10 years later when they get fed up with them, they get them removed at a cost to the NHS.

i am sure there are many procedures that are not completed for medical reasons and surely these need to be looked at cutting back first.

Sorry Gordon , didn't mean to sound so harsh about gender dysphoria and don't think it is any less important ( now i will appear harsh) but is it really necessary for an 80 year old man to have the op? in all honestly i think that over the years ourselves and families have paid into the system and so are entitled to use the NHS but sadly you cannot get a square peg to fit into a round hole -especially when we have so may health immigrants at the moment - although i do feel that this man should get the operation is it really necessary for him to have it at 80 years of age? And yes, a tattoo can affect your life , as i said mine is visible and i am very conscious of it, when you go for a tattoo you are more than aware of what you are doing ( EG place its put/ names on it) is it really anyone elses fault you did not think of the future?

I have a 6 month old grand daughter with a rare, painful debilitating disease which currently has no cure and a sister with spina bifida and have seen my sister go to hell and back and, sadly, will now have to see my grand daughter suffer.

You are right about the money wasted on refurbishment - a few years ago i had a hissy fit at our local hospital because i overheard a conversation between 2 suits about redecorating a waiting area to match a piece of art they had just purchased.

Problem was others also overheard my rant and it got into the local papers. It never got done - i think we need more independent people to look into the services the hospitals - i bet just you and i could save the NHS a fortune.

All about saving money now

False economy though, because specialist nurses often able to treat problems before they become major. In the long run patients will suffer and end up requiring more medication and possible more hospital admissions.

good morning if you want to raise this at a higher level a useful website i came across was writetothem.com will give you the email address of MP LORDs etc and the emails get there, and you will get answers, i believe the more we write to these people the more recognition we will get,

Yeah, I use the the same web site. Its surprising how often I have used it and e-mailed my MP. However I find that she only replies if it is about something she is personally interested in, if not there is deathly silence.

Thank you Richard, I shall look at the site and follow it up!

hi you do get the opertunity to report that back though do not know what happens then though

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