Carpet vs Hard Flooring

I wonder if anyone has any experience or information if carpets or hard flooring I have had Oak flooring for some time and am thinking about getting a carpet for our television room. I have been looking today at carpets and am wondering if the fibres would make a difference to us with breathing problems. I hoover and mop most days and am surprised at the amount of dust and dirt that comes up but carpet is so comfy underfoot!

I do not want to do anything that would make me worse and it cost me money to do it too.

Thank you

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I am like Pigletto minimalist flooring because of dust mite allergy, also having pets find hard flooring easier to manage. My laminate and vinyl flooring is easy care, less work means less SOB for me. If you like the idea of carpet rather than forking out for a total recarpet find some lovely rugs, there are loads of designs out there and see how you get on. I found I loved having rugs but the dog loved them more and we spent loads all the time having them cleaned professionally, which isn't so great on the ole back pocket. Personally if I had oak flooring I would be loathed to get shot of it. But we are all different.

hi tyniesha ive always had carpets until i moved into the flat i`m living in now. I`v now got laminate floors and i find they are much better, far easier to keep clean. But i guess its personal choice. sandra

I have carpet throughout but I have COPD with no asthma or allergies. I only vacuum about once a month - but every day my 'friend' vacuums the whole place for me while i am out for my daily walk and shop. I think a lot of COPD'ers have a friend like mine - you can see a friend like mine here (i call mine 'edna' lol);

It's important to keep warm - so I have rugs rather than a whole carpet - otherwise am cold.

I have always had carpets. Until I had a problem, fleas. I don't know where I got them from as I don't have pets but once they're there they are a******* to get rid of. I had them for three years running as they can lay dormant. So when I moved I opted for linoleum. It looks like wood and feels like it but no cracks between the boards. Fleas can't live on it as they can't burrow in to it. It's easy to clean. I do have a rug to pay lip service to the carpet but it takes no time at all to vaccum and if anything gets in it I can just throw it out. I think I have less dust too, carpets harbour so much dust and dirt you can never get it all out and they can smell and I don't fancy using carpet freshener. Carpets are warmer in Winter my floor is cooler in Summer (when we have any heat).

Hi Wiggins, I too was puzzled over whether my carpets were having an effect on by asthma. I looked into new furniture/carpets and found to my horror that it takes 7 yrs for the toxins in new furniture/carpets to disperse. As I moved into my flat 12yrs ago and bought all new furniture/carpets I was crushed. I then went on to find if I could do anything to neutralise the toxins and I found plants can do the trick. Spider, Boston Fern and Spathiphyllum (looks like a lily) all give out oxygen and refresh the air in your home. I have found them very helpful and feel much metter. I told my consultant and he agreed that plants of this kind are a very good idea. They are not too expensive, look good and make you feel better. Good luck with the new carpet. Maximonkey

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