Well outcome of my visit to the Freeman Hospital, he has basically said a transplant is not for me 1) both lungs stuck to my chest wall due to previous operations. 2) Fungal ball/infection in one of my lungs. He will ask the surgeons if there is anything they can do but he also said don't hold your breath so I doubt if I will hear anything more from them.

So it looks like we continue as we are doing treating the infections as they occur get the treatment started - anti fungals and saline through the nebuliser, get the blood gases checked and 02 increased as I am not managing walking around on just the 2L then back to work ha ha. Onwards and upwards : ) Val x

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  • Been to the metro Centre as well ha ha in for a penny in for a pound x

  • Am probably saying the wrong thing here, foot in mouth and all that, but is it better to know than to always be thinking it might be possible, sorry if its the wrong thing.

  • No you are right that is how I feel; don't think my daughter thinks that way though. It's difficult’ for her, don't think she understands that surgery is not my best option to many things against it I probably wouldn't survive they wouldn't operate for that very reason Val

  • Oh dear isn't life a so and so sometimes, got to keep positive very difficult I know

    Libby x

  • :) x

  • Oh Val thoughts with you and your family being so brave

  • not too good then Val - lets hope that something turns up and the news is better -



  • Your my kind of girl Val, love the fact you went to the Metro,Keep fighting. Best wishes.


  • Many thanks to all ;) x

  • Thats a bit of a blow Val. But you are right - onwards and upwards. Keep treating the infections and stay positive!! Lots of love TAD xx

  • Will do, won't be beaten my focus is work Val x

  • At least you tried Val. You are a very positive person with a fighting spirit and that will see you through. :0) best wishes x

  • Thank you x

  • Admire your positivity...take care..Dorothy.

  • :) x

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