Boring is good!

Boring is definitely good. 9 months studying for a module towards my degree, which was over on Tuesday after completion of a 3 hour exam . Very scary when you haven't sat an exam for 25 years. Finally life is going to be stress free for a bit (I hope), have also had to invest in a brand new car after being ripped off by a used car dealer 3 months ago. Just looking forward to my hols in Norfolk, where the hubby, the weiner (Daxie Dog) and I can enjoy some gentle strolls on the flat. Which reminds me must pop those walking boots into the cobblers for a few repairs. So yes I might have breathing problems and spend days swallowing pills and potions but I still have the everyday goings on that others experience. My medical issues are the least of my every day considerations. 3 months time back to the studies though, going to explore Adult Health and Social Care. Explore the delivery of health services and social policy deliverance to service users. Should be interesting. Wonder if my experiences will match what I am studying?

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  • congratulations - you should be really proud


  • Hi Stitch I am hoping to make loads of new doggie friends while I am away!

  • Congratulations on you studies & completeing the exam, I remember how scary it is when you return to study. Are you studying with th O.U ? Health & Social Care Module is really interesting, If only the practice supported the theory ;-(

    Have a good break

    Besyt wishes

    Jo :-)

  • I am studying with the OU honey has I can fit it around my health issues, they have been quite good at the OU once I signed up for DSA.

  • They are brilliant, Good Luck with your results, I'm sure you will do well. I studied with them about 12 years ago, I found them very supportive & the courses are really interesting

    Best wishes

    Jo :-)

  • HI daxiemad

    Well done. I am sure you will have some great experiences that will match what you are studying, will you be seeking employment after the 3 months further studies ?

    They have stopped making hobnail boots now Daxie, would cost more than buying a new pair, lol ha ha.

    Have a great holiday stress free, best wishes

  • Thank you Anne, I am doing a degree purely for something to keep the brain box alive. Someone another forum thought it was time I put my writing talents to proper use and I started 3 years ago. Sadly returning to work is not an option, allergic to so many things that I Asthma and other conditions are very difficult to control. Though I am hoping to use my education to help others as a community volunteer one day.

  • Enjoy the boredom Daxiemad worked for

  • Wish I was as boring Daxiemad, it takes me an hour to get dressed and out of bed then I can't remember where I put my hiking boots usually.

    best wishes for your studies

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