People have helped me already with this site

Ive asked certain questions about emphysema and copd.I was scared at first because i didnt know what the answer might be.People on this site dont mock or laugh at any questins its great.Since ive been on here i decide to go back to doc about antibiotics not workin right for hymophilus influenzae and complaind about how bad my breathing was.Low and behold all of a sudden the asthma nurse and doc changed my medication and for the first time in 12 months i feel like this elephant thats been sat on my chest is lifting.Im not daft i know i will at times have bad days but now with this site i feel more possitive about my future,So thank you all for your support

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so glad you got it sorted Kay

Like you i have had some incredible help and support from these forums and now i dont feel like i am the only person suffering - its nice to know that others have/are going through the same thing and your not alone.

you will find you get used to things about your COPD - like signs of chest infection and, if he hasnt already, your doctor will give you an emergency supply of antibiotics and steroids and you will soon learn when you need to take them.

just remember there are some fantastic people on here and the best thing is they will always help and support you.

all the best Kay


Agree with you stitch - i found out what to look for from people on here.

And when you see your doctor just imagine us all behind you egging you on to ask that question - once you ask the first you will never stop xxxx



good one, I hope you continue to feel better,

So glad to hear that you are feeling better - this forum is great - just to hear other peoples views and how they cope. No-one seems to give much information about COPD etc. - just a diagnosis and the inhalers without telling you how you should feel! Hope you continue to stay well. TAD xx

Good to hear that you are getting the support you need. Information is power to enable you to get the treatment that is right for you. The more you find out about your condition the better equiped you are to deal with it.

Best wishes

Jo :-)

Glad things are starting to improve Val

This is my first time on the site and, like you have a lot of worries and questions. I was diagnosed with COPD over a year ago and was only prescribed a COPD inhaler a few months ago. After having an undiagnosed chest infection (despite 3 visits to surgery) and then pneumonia, I have at last changed GP surgery after many years. I was dreading it but it was so easy and after a consultation I now feel much more confident, and like you, I now know I will have good and bad days. I can only say, try to keep positive and I thinnk this site will be a great help.

Drop in and share with others that are the same

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