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I would like some help if possible?

In 2012 the government and most fuel providers initiated the Warm Home Discount Scheme - basically people on the guarantee element of pension credit (PC) would be automatically given the £120 rebate on their last bill. Vulnerable people not on PC could also apply.

I have spoken to a couple of people in the last few days who haven't received the rebate.

Does anyone else have any experience of this? Have you received it or not? Please let us know of your experiences.



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As far as I am led to believe, people not on pension credit, but maybe another benefit like income support, could apply for this grant, but not every energy supplier took part. My supplier gave a grant to pension credit only, so I didnt get it.


Your supplier gets this back off the Government. You can get it if you have DLA, not sure about Income Support. They asked me if I had pension credit and I said "no" I do not get pension for another 18 months, they asked if I got DLA and I replied yes. It seems to be more to help the elderly and sick on low incomes. I had to give them the address where my DLA comes from and also any income details. They told me right away over the phone I had got it, and although you have to re apply every year BG send you a reminder.

It should be all suppliers, but it is paid on your electric not gas as not everyone has gas in their homes. I didnt, but now I have, which is how I found out about it by changing supplier. It is not been widely advertised.


I receive DLA. I just changed supplier to British Gas. they told me about this and confirmed I am eligible. it is paid on your electric account not gas.

I do not get pension until I am 61 10 months - end of next year. They told me this money is credited to electric account between Nov and Feb and has to be re applied for every year.


I had to send in a letter confirming receipt of DLA and was then informed that i had qualified. I also had a letter reminding me that it was being deducted from my bill (i think it was around jan/feb time). I had totally forgotten about it after that but did get an electric bill for just £62 in March - so assume that would be it - though I couldn't see anything stating that it included my discount - in fact I panicked for a moment thinking they must have got my bill wrong - in my favour for a change - and have to admit I haven't contacted them since to clarify the issue just in case they want more money from me - blush! Parvati :)

PS. I am with EDF energy if that helps. P.


going through old blogs, i was awarded £120.00 because of Pension credit. it amouted to one free bill and one reduced, will it be here this year?


Hi I've been on it awhile now I have to ring every sept to do a form with ggas people about my illness if Ur on employment support orpip etc you get it if you also have cops astma etc off you get to much they will not give it,I just got it again you used to have to apply it on electric but it's changed now you can pick I'm poor they said I got it again but was told I have to apply every year bout march or sept they will tell you if you will get it afferform donexxx


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