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New to this site and new to "blog-ing":)

Hello everyone, I feel I am in such good company with you all. Diagnosed with COPD 7 years ago. Moderate to severe. There are good and bad days. Quite a few good and I feel almost normal and then too many bad and i get depressed thinking is this what I have to look forward to. In life my glass is always half full so I soldier on and all in all enjoy doing what I can. I have recently read about the "bells implants" . Waiting for an appt at the chest clinic to discuss options. Will let you know what happens. Have also bought a Salt pipe. Not feeling a benefit yet but early days. I play Bowls and try to do some walking every day. So now the worst is over and I can write again soon :)

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welcome to the site gerd, you'll find em a lvely bunch of people.

Thank you for the "Welcome" x

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Hi and welcome, Val

*waves to Gerd*

Hello and welcome to our group Gerd :) and congratulations on taking the plunge.

Do please let us know how your options discussion goes won't you ?

Thank you, I will. One minute there was no hope and now things might happen :)

i am new to this site as from today and the people on here sound very nice and give good advice! hoping to talking to some of you soon!

Copder ,You and I are both new today and I know we will enjoy the friendship and support . A problem shared ......!!!!!

HI Gerd, im new to the site today as well and everyone is lovely and welcoming, ive had quite few lows lately mainly frustration from being let down by one consultant, but the site has gave me my optimisim back and great to speak with others in the same boat!

welcome both - ive only been on here a few months myself and you will find some amazing people on here giving incredible support.

i hope you get as much from this as i have


Thank you to all of you for making us "new ones" so welcome :!!

hi I joned last week but my spelling is so bad i was fritend to wright enything i was toled i had c o p d 4 years ago had to give my job up 2 years ago worked in A & E and my husband died 4 days after been on my own coping is hard you all sound so nice hope you dont mind my spelling

thanks stitch

Hi, I just joined today was diagnosed last year with emphysema I felt very depressed then though feel a bit better now, trying to come to terms with it.

Hi Gerd and welcome, I am quite new to the site had to ask how to Blog but not got the hang of it I also have COPD and was feeling very down before joining here and now I feel so much better they are a grand lot and very supportive. Good luck with everything.My husband is a keen bowls player never misses a tuesday night to play and it gets him away from the house and meet other pepole instead of running around after me. Good luck x

Hello Gerd, welcome to the forum - I am a relatively 'newbie'. I can sympathise with exactly how you're feeling, very similar to me. I am at the severe stage and on oxygen 24 hours. I have looked at information on the Salt Pipe, please let us know if it helps and of course let us know how you get on at the chest clinic.


Hi there Gerd and welcome.

You will find that we are a friendly and supportive lot here, there will always be someone who can identify with the issues and problems you might be experiencing. I think we all have good days and bad days and like you appreciate the good ones and try not to dwell on the bad ones for too long, however sometimes it`s not easy. I too have moderate to severe COPD so know from experience how you feel. I consider myself fortunate that I have a good team suppoting me eg;- doctor, nurse practitioner and pulmonary physio, I am waiting to go on my first pulmonary rehab course and am quite looking forward to it, I`ve heard so many good reports about them. Any way keep blogging and look after yourself.

Regards Linda.

What a great bunch of people you are.

Have just come home from a game of Bowls played in Torquay, Devon. We lost but we all enjoyed the game and they played better so deserved the victory. Stopped off for a Carvery on the way back and I should have remembered that eating a big meal leaves me out of breath. Have had it explained to me that as the stomach is just under the lungs it is better to eat small portions often. Was adviced by a Doctor friend last night to write to the hospital doing the "bell" procedure for a lot more information. personally he does not think I am bad enough yet.!!! Well, he doesn't live with COPD. I am thinking :sooner rather than later. Enough about me for today. Have a great evening. Hope the weather is better where you are :)


everyone also new to this site and finding it very helpful,

just to know that there are lots of fols out ther who are in the same boat is great to know and ask questions that you might think are silly!

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