Lung Volume Reduction Surgery

Have been to see the Surgeon at Harefield today and it is now looking like we are going with LVRS to reduce my right lung which has a huge black hole in it. Got to have a one night stay there first so thwey can do more tests, scans etc and then she will book the operation in, it wont be keyhole as the hole is so gig so she wants to go in through the ribs at the side. Recovey is about 8 - 12 weeks but it should be benificial overall.

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  • That's great news Perce, scary but great. I am sure the benefits will outway the negatives by a mile. We asked if this was suitable for my dad but as both his lungs are in a bad way there is no point. Hope all goes well for you, take care x

  • Yes that is good Val

  • Hope all goes well, keep us all posted & good luck x

  • Hope all goes well for you

    Best wishes

    Jo :-)

  • *fingers crossed for best outcome for Perce* :)

  • good luck perce xxx

  • Hope all goes well. The very best of luck !

  • Thanks everyone, I have just had the appointment come through to have further tests done on the 26th June and then see consultant again on 10th July so it is all moving forward quickly.

  • hi Perce ,good luck if it the right thing for you take it with both hands .My sister had it done back in 2000 up at london Brige hospital and looked so much better within 10 days her life was so very much better for it as well .it is a big op and she did have a to spend 3 months getting over it .I would say the biggest thing was people not understanding that she was better but not well and still had Empyersema just less of it and a lot less lung .She was able to get on with her life and seemed almost back to herself getting out working full time holidays apart from getting tired which with age is normal .looking back because she seemed well ,and we as humans forget that she still was quick to get colds and flu and be very very ill with them still .she spent monies on really good food got her sleep ,have her flu jabs and would send her staff home if they looked like there getting a cold she did all that she could ,but people around her forgot and pushed her and bless her she didn't say what part of NO do you not understand .she got a cold her heating went wrong and she was busy helping her family so didn't go to her GP fast and didn't have back up drugs and we lossed her .BUT she did have a MUCH BETTER live for the op and I would say YES YES go for it ,but please make people understand NO means NO and " oh but could you" be rude if you must you will still have a big lung problem just a much better life sorry to push the point we are selfish I so wish she had been more selfish she may still be here I wish you every luck .

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