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Aloe Vera

Has anyone tried taking Aloe Vera juice, does it really make much difference to COPDers as in more energy, vitality, less infections etc. I was talking to someone yesteday who has a chronic illness and I couldn't get over how well she looked since I last saw her- she just looked amazing and said her energy levels were up, she is taking Aloe Vera (has to be the right one, nothing added etc). Doctor told her OK to take with steroids. Sometimes it is energy I need more than better breathing. It is expensive so don't want to waste money, already take Vitamin D.


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Not sure about drinking Aloe Vera....i know Aloe is very good for sun burn/burns etc. I will have a look online to find out more.

you can get capsules avoiding the liquid's taste :) not taken myself, though now will try it :) thanks

I have tried Forever Living aloe Vera, peach flavour. Trouble was although I felt more energetic I didn't have the puff to keep up with myself ;-)

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