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advice on breathing after mild exercise

I've been diagnosed with moderate emphysema 12 months ago, still have a lot to learn, i just wondered if it was normal that after I've walked or done anything physical, my chest feels like someones sitting on it. i find myself having to change how i breathe cos it hurts. i take my meds when needed but just feel tight. thanks

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i am afraid it can be.

if this helps - i just had a bath and had to use my nebuliser when i got out because of SOB.

i'm afraid you will find yourself more conscious of the layout of places you go like does it have a lift/ how far from the car park to.... etc.

i have been pretty bad for a few months now but prior to that i would get dropped off in the high street, wait for my partner to join me and only walk where there where seating every few yards - would you believe i could not go into town because one of the seats broke and i know i would never have made it to the next one!!!

sadly this becomes the norm when you have COPD. ( cant remember who on here said it but Can Only Plan Daily is a perfect description)

i am sure more people on here will be able to give you better info than i can.

tke care


Before I got my scooter I ended up doing a boatload of window shopping. A few shops had seats in but i would end up leaning against each shop window 'studying' the display until I got my breath back enough to amble to the next shop.

Superdrug,Boots and WHSmith, you need better displays.

I work for Boots, i'll pass it on lol!

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lol xx you just reminded me of when they opened a brighthouse in the high street and by leaning on the window i could see the cost of the interest omn the stuff they had - nearly caused a heart attack xx lol

You are right, my dad is doing his rehab and having learnt breathing and relaxation techniques we can mostly have a conversation without his getting breathless.

thanks for all your help, it does seem to take a while to get back to normal

( whatever that is these days ).

I think the saying goes that if you can't talk after excercise you've done too much, if you can talk okay you haven't done enough and if you can speak in between catching your breath you're just right.

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No seating by hospital lifts annoys me.

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