My Emphysema

Hi I was diagnosed a year ago with Emphysema after a month long investigation and C.T also MRI scans at Papworth Hospital. It did not sink in at first I just couild not believe it and then the reality came a few days later. I use to be a Home Carer when I was at work and I look after a lady with Emphysema and thats the only negative thought I could produce in my head as to what was going to happen to me. Some days I am alright other days I could cry all day long, I did in the beging but I am getting better now especialy after joining this site and having a long chat with my Doctor brought me back to reality, I am on daily dose of SPIRIVA and that has helped with my breathing I go for walks and do as much as I can my husband is very good he does most things for me, but there are still days when I cant see through it all its been such a shock and still a year on these days come, dose anyone else feel like this. I shall be 70 in July. Thank you all for your company.

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  • Thank you I do feel heeps better already thank you so much

  • Welcome to the site Nancygirl :) and thank you for joining us. You've done well to get to 69 before diagnosis and - believe me - it isn't a death sentence ! I was diagnosed 12 years ago now and lead a fairly normal life still, apart from having the oxygen 16 hours daily.

    Keep looking on the positive side and when you are feeling low don't hesitate to come on here for a regular dose of 'cheer up' ......... it won't cost anything bar a few moments of your time ;)

  • You are so kind thank you for taking the time to talk to me I feel so much better already, I feel that the days will be better now.x

  • Welcome nancygirl

    It is good that you go for walks, if you could ask your doctor about P.R. it could help to alleviate your fears.

    Glad you feel a lot better

  • Yes I am due to see the Doc soon so I will ask him about P. R I have read a lot about it and it sounds good. Thank you

  • I was diagnosed with Emphysema 10 years ago, i gave up smoking straight away im not on oxygen yet but i know one day that will happen, i didn't get down about it at first because i really didn't feel that bad , in the last four years it crept up on me and yes i got depressed, but you have to learn to live with it and move on , i try to enjoy my life as much as possible and you must do the same NancyGirl don't let it drag you down fight back and enjoy life as much as you can.

    xx Gill .

  • I gave up smoking over 20yrs ago my hubby and I did it together so I think thats why I was so shocked when I was told about having Emphysema I just could not believe it I thought I had given up smoking and that would be that but no so the conultant say I should never have smoked in the first place but hined sight is a wonderful thing. But I shall feel muich better now after chating here thank you so much for your support

  • Welcome Nancygirl,

    Chin up and try and be as positive as you can. You can't change the fact you got emphysema, the hard part is accepting it and learning to live with it. When you have a down day, have a bloomin good cry, when you have a good un, have a blinkin good laugh. There's nowt wrong with long as you have more good days than bad. And coming on here.............we'll make you laugh!!!

  • Hi Stitch, yes Doc told me its in its early stage and I will talk to him about pulmonary rehab next time I see him, it just that my hubby is one of these that keeps his head in the sand and thinks I shall get better so I dont tend to talk to him about things I know he worrie's in his own way but it stops us talking about it but now I have all these friends I realy do feel much better already. Thank you so much

  • It really does feel better to talk, doesn't it. Took me ages to tell people close to me, and bit by bit, their expectations of me and disappointments with my slowness etc have been accepted. People who love you are bound to worry - that's more if there's a lack of understanding about it all though, as people tend to think the worst. I hope you and your husband can talk about it more - maybe gradually and as lightly as you can ?

  • Yes it is good to talk but he wont say anything about it when I start talking about it he just say oh you will be fine,end of conversation. I have not told my children either as they all have busy lives and I dont want them to be distracted, but I suppose like all things there will be a time to tell so I will wait till then but as for my hubby I dont think it will ever come he will just have to see for him self as time goes by. Do you know it has rained all day so far her and I have not been able to go for my usual walk so I have been on my peddlers imagining that I am cycling down a country lane in the sun shine = at least I have a good imagination!!

  • that must have been a lovely 'cycle' then :)

  • Hi Nancygirl.

    I've had copd for 12 years, now at the severe stage and on oxygen all the while, I still live a pleasant life, got a wonderful husband who helps. I do get down days when I feel very depressed but it passes and I realize there are people alot worse off than me. Try to think positive make the most of what you have, it's difficult I know, but with practice it can be done.

    Libby x

  • Thank you so much Libbygirl, like I said to some yesterday I am feeling a lot better already its so nice to have someone to talk to about things, my husband is one who puts his head in the sand and thinks it will all go away so I tend not to talk to him about it I have not told any of my children as I feel they dont need to know yet see how things go, so I think thats why I was feeling so fed up not having anyone to share with so this is great thank you again. My doctor has told me that I am in the early stages of it so fingers crossed. x

  • hi nancygirl first of all 70 is young these days, as we say in Ireland you are still a gorsoon which means in Irish you are still young I gave up smoking 31 years ago but I still got Emphsema sometimes I think it could be other things that cause it I worked as a carpenter for 45 years so it could be that. I have got Emphysema now and have to get on with my life. I think the most important thing is to have a positive outlook on life , there are going to be great medical discoverys in the stemcell department in the next few years so keep positive and never give up hope. they could even find a cure for Emphysema one other thing exercise is good for Emphysema no matter how little you do Good Luck to you Treetops

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