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Is it common to cough up blood

since Christmas Richard has coughed small amounts of bright red blood, not ever time though. He says it's because he coughs so much. We mentioned it to the consultant and he arranged a ct scan which he had 13th april but as yet not had the results, we go to see him on the 28th. Is it a common happening.

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Yes I can cough up blood sometimes, it is with just coughing rupture a small blood vessel, sometimes a sign of infection. If it’s not too much wouldn't worry, If it goes on for some time would get it checked out Val


thanks all sigh of relief


i would say that it is not common to cough up blood because it will be ripping the lining of your throat and tearing your lungs


Back in February when I had a bad chest infection there was a few occasions when I coughed a bit of blood up in my phlegm. Even now when I'm not coughing that much I still get a taste of blood in my mouth occasionally. My chest X-ray was clear. My Dr doesn't seem concerned about it. I do get this most winters though hence the reason I've never been too worried about it. I always figured if it was something bad I'd know about it by now.

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Thanks for this message. I have had a chest infection since December and still on antibiotics. feel very bad today. But CT scans and x-rays were ok.


Hi amagram, this happened to me, it is not pleasant. However, the results from the CT scan came back and I have bronchiectasis. Apparently it is quite common with this lung problem. Good luck with your results. Maximonkey


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