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Emphysema is swimming and the steam room good for you

Ive been told by some people that th steam room and swimming will do my breathing good.Other people say it makes you prone to infection,i dont know which to go with.Ive had hymophylious influenzae for a long time so i dont know wether 2 keep away from gym ..I cant got his week anyway because of being on steriods but want to know when ive finished them and the infection is still there whats the best move.

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Sorry submitted a reply as a anwser to my question so if you want to read it there thanks


I dont know what stage im at.To be quite honest i didnt even know what stages there were till i come on this site.I love the swimming its just with having this infection it a bloody bugbare.I so want to get rid of it ive kept away from baths because theres one or 2 people with the same sort of symtons.I like what you said about the risk of being in public places, infection is anywhere really isnt it?The steriods would help but i was told while im on them im more open to infection.Thanks so much for talking its good


Steroids lower your immune system and my dad is on a very high dose right now so staying away from anyone with coughs and colds is paramount. Hence why my dad hasn't seen my little un in ages cos she is a right snob fest right now!

Having said that, this time of the year is the best to be on steroids as it is warmer (should be) and less infections around. Dad used to swim three times a week until Christmas when he deteriorated and he misses it alot, like you Stitch. You can ring a pool up and ask what the temp is you know. We do that for the kids cos I am fed up having them shivering instead of enjoying themselves in the pool.


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