Some Musings on a Boring Saturday Evening

I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying this forum. It really feels like a vibrant, welcoming and helpful online community. I enjoy reading little snatches of people's lives and hearing how their health is keeping; where people are going on holiday etc.

I think often when people suffer from a lung condition they can be very isolated, especially during periods of exacerbations of symptoms when they cannot get out of the house as often as they would like. This forum for some, for example those who may not have close family and friends, is surely a life-saver. It is, I believe, a lovely contact with the outside world, a place to share your health worries without being afraid to bore your family or friends with your woes and ailments! It equalises everyone; we can all participate regardless of our health - or even some people's inability to interact socially with others face-to-face etc.

I hope that it remains this way and that the community members are not subjected to downright rude, deliberately argumentative and unhelpful posts that can be a characteristic of some online forums. I think we all have equally valid contributions/observations to make and even if we disagree I am sure we are all able to do so in a polite and thoughtful manner. That's what draws me to this forum; its very welcoming nature.

Anyhow, I just thought I would jot down some of my meanderings!

Just shows you what kind of wild social life I have when I can sit and type this on a Saturday evening. all I can say is Euro 2012 has a lot to answer for - there's nothing on telly. (Well out of the sixty million sky channels I have there must be something, but that's another story :) )

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  • Ha ha yes urgh to football! I have been flicking channels also as you say not much on. Have been out today so pretty tired early night I think, at one time there was a chat room on the BLF set up by some of the members but I think it was difficult to moderate! Though I think it could be a good idea don't know what other people’s thoughts are on this though! Val

  • I think a chat room would be good as long as the right people are in it, I'm sure we could make sure any undesirables are booted out, not that I know a lot about either running a chat room or being in one, but I know I look on this site as my copd family. Or as Richard calls it cpo, every time he says it I look at him and see a 3ft golden robot, I must tell you, I just said to him, when the weather is better and you feel btter, you have to start going out more, he's a right old home body, asda, farmfoods, sainsburys then home is his forte. He said yes we must but where, when I suggested we get on a bus or train and just go somewhere you'd think I'd offered him an arsenic sandwhich.

  • I think I quite like the idea of a chat room actually! You're right, though, it might be difficult to moderate. Could be good though. Maybe if there were enough moderators people could take it in turn to do it.

    I haven't crossed the threshold today at all. I did some light housework, followed by ironing then chilled in the afternoon as I was so tired - the after-effects of my first week back at work full-time I think.

    I plan an early night tonight. Actually I have a confession to make here - and I hope you don't all think less of me because of it - I am going to watch Big Brother! There I said it, it's out in the open now - I'm a voyeur with little taste or class!

    Ahhh but such fun lol :)

  • Ha ha we watch BB also, watched it several times you do get a laugh at it Val

  • You certainly do - and it leaves you feeling quite normal! :O

  • a chat room would be brilliant - we got footy for a couple of weeks then Olympics, and i simply aint the sporty type ( despite my young, sexy sylphlike figure - i hope i don't get stuck by lightening for lying) i mean all these other TV channels have only known for a year or so that we will be inundated with sport on TV so its not like they had the opportunity to, say, put a few decent films on the other 300 channels ! ( OMG! my sarcasm is getting better)

    YEP! Krazylady is feeling better :)

  • Ha ha go girl go x

  • don't forget wimbledon in between.

  • My mam watches that every year never misses it ha ha

  • I used to watch big brother when I went to work, because it was a good conversational topic every day, but I haven't watched it for a long time. I like to play word games on facebook, scrabble, words with friends, word trick, as long as the words keep coming I know am not senile.

  • Oh I love words! I'm a bit of a pain, though - and while I'm being a bit of a pedant, don't start me on the wrong use of apostrophes. ooohhh

    As my children would say...."Just saying".

  • It's 2 weeks today to my midnight walk, I am going to take you all with me by blogging the walk, when I get my puff back that is, which may be monday. I was hard in training but the rain puts me off walking too far, but I carry my bus pass in case.

  • How far is the walk?

  • Good luck with your walk, sure you will enjoy the atmosphere, and feel brilliant afterwards.

  • who needs a chat room, we have created our own

  • Krazylady you made me laugh there :)

    Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit? I think not! Well certainly not in this case!


  • It does seem like we have created one Amagram :)

  • HE HE !!! and if wit was s**T i'd be constipated.... trust me!!! :)

  • Bet Annexx wasn't expecting this lot ha ha

  • I have signed up for the 10 mile walk, but there is a turn off point to make it 6 miles if necessary, I hope to do it all though, am going with daughter, son and grandaughter, plus about 1000 other fundraisers, so the atmosphere will hopefully carry me along, plus you get a bacon sandwhich when you finish.

  • Good luck should be good fun but hard work I guess. Val

  • Much as I love a bacon sandwich as much as anyone, I tend to buy one from Greggs on the way into the office, Amagram! Occasionally, I hasten to add!

  • lol Val, loving it though


  • Good good we can suggest a chat room see what they say? What do you think Val

  • yes Val- reckon we should.

  • I would definitely be up for it :)

  • WOW! bacon sarnie ... where do i sign ( other half knicked the last of the bacon this morning xx gggrrrrrrr)

    Good luck Gran - take it easy and you will do it ( if not get someone to give you a piggy back :) - are you being sponsored?

  • I dare say they read the posts? So they will know we have been discussing it do you think?

  • so far I've collected over £100 in sponsor money so I HAVE to do it or else. It's for the local hospice.

  • Great Stitch, I am on facebook. How are you? Val

  • they must do Val,

    i don't believe this bit i am watching a film with julia roberts and glenn close doing the dodgiest irish accents ever - and i aint got the foggiest what its about DOH!!!!

  • Stitch has posted the above chatroom that used to be on th old BLF forum


  • In the chat room if anybody wants to pop in Val

  • val and I are having a chat on the forum if anyone cares to join us!

  • I would love to join you for a chinwag but my two girls are still up and I'm about to lose the plot!

    On a positive note, my mum and dad ventured to Swansea for the day as the sun came out finally, and my dad used his oxygen while he was out for the first time. He sat on the bench outside BHS in the sunshine while mum went shopping. They did a few shops and went and parked by the beach and had a car picnic. Called in mine on way home and dad treated us to a chinese. He looked great and the hour or so he was here he didn't need O2. I love my dad to bits, he's the best.

  • Good day then :) Val x

  • Thankyou Stitch, glad you enoyed. He did have a fab day x

  • Hi there, love the comment about football, I can see me being on the computer a lot more in the evenings, well until the Olympics that is. You are right about the comments and it is good to see other people coping and having suggestions to help their fellow suffers out. I belong to 2 groups on FB and have to say the response is wonderful and the admin watch the group really well. I have COPD and now osteoporosis, with 2 compressed fractures at present!!! only coughed when i was in hospital and boy oh boy did I know about it!!! still life was never easy for anyone so best get on with it. Have a wonderful Sunday all and have a breathe easy night.x

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