so ill,

Well, been a bit silent because i have been so ill, Pleased to say i feel a lot better today tho.

Fell ill whilst in the isle of wight last Monday, so we all came home early, i thought i would feel better being at home but i seemed to get worse, i took my emergency antibiotics and steroids but they did not seem to help, My partner got scared and rang an ambulance but it seemed i was having a panic attack because i could not breathe!!!!

Anyway, managed to get an appointment at the doctors, walked in, sweating profusely, tired, SOB,almost to the point of collapse. first thing he said was that i looked really ill, who was with me!

He upped my steroids to 8 a day and changed my antibiotics - pleased to say that it is now almost 2 weeks and i am starting to feel better at last.Still tired and SOB and could easily fall asleep whilst typing but i slept uninterrupted all night last night ( first time in 2 weeks).

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  • Ah I thought as you had not been posting! Glad your feeling a little better it's part and parcel of life and I am sure it gets you down as it does me. We are all here for you, Take care and rest Val x

  • thanks Val, It hit me like a ton of bricks this time - so did the bill everytime my other half went shopping - lol - :)

  • Ha ha know that feeling Val x

  • Hope you are soon feeling lots better

    Best wishes

    Jo :-)

  • thanks jo

    will be back to my usual KrAZy self soon


  • Ah that's a shame, but I'm glad to hear you're feeling a bit better now.Get plenty of rest and pampering there! x

  • thanks all, :)

  • Ill on the Isle of weight, sounds like your back to your normal self already lol

  • On the way back now krazylady takes time

  • So sorry that you had to leave the IOW. That is where I live. I have had my antibiotics changed and been given a longer course of 10 days plus steriods 8 a day and seem to be slowly improving. I didnt have any of this breathing problem till I had a bad bout of flu last year and this is what is left which doesnt seem to go away !

    Hopefully, you will be back on the IOW for another holiday. Plenty of oxygen in the air here.

  • i LOVE isle of wight and go at least twice a year ( sandown/shanklin) but, for some reason, i became really ill, i think it may be because it was during that week of really hot weather. and like you at xmas i got a flu - to be honest just a tad annoyed coz only been back at work for 3 weeks and was so happy!!!

  • I live in a small village called Adgestone just outside Sandown. When your over again must get in touch

  • definately xx lunch me thinks xxxx

  • have recently been thinking about moving there xxx

  • So sorry that you were ill on holiday - my husband was hit (and so was I) by some sort of bug about two months ago and he we was so ill. Wishing you a speedy recovery. TAD x

  • i first became ill in december Tad and it took months for me to get to a stage where i felt i wanted to go back to work - what a mistake - 3 weeks later became more ill than before.

    i am feeling a lot better but still SOB, but at least i feel more human.

    hope you both feel better soon - its horrible being so ill



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