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Introducing myself

Hello, I have been reading the posts on this site for a while, it is a good site. I have severe COPD, am on oxygen all the time - concentrator and portable for when I go out. I live in Shropshire and it has been raining for the last two days! We COPDers are all missing the sunny warm days when our lungs and breathing feels a little better maybe only because the sun and warmth lifts our spirits, I can't wait to sit in our garden and feel the warm sun again. Now I have plucked up the courage to write a blog - you may be hearing from me again!

All the best Libby x

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Hi Libby nice to see your blog welcome Val

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Hi Libby

Thanks for joining us here, its great to hear from you and so glad that you wrote your 1st blog :)

I'm looking forward to those warmer sunnier days too and I think so are my tomato plants :)

Auntymary xx

Hello and welcome!

I can't wait for sunny days too..........lazing in the sunshine, splashing in the pool......oh sorry, I was dreaming then lol. You could always go out singing in the rain?!

Serious tho, the weather is crap and does get you down. I got 2 girls under 6-I NEED SUNSHINE!

Hello Libby,

It is nice to see you here, welcome to the community. I look forward to reading your blog. I too look forward to the better weather. We have the sun but it is far too windy for me to sit out today.:-(

Best wishes

Jo :-)

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hi, Libby, I'm only a carer but find the site invaluable, flippin eck that word sounds wrong, but you know what I mean.


Good to hear from you Libby, look forward to hearing more


Hi Libby- your right it would be wonderful to feel the warm summer sun again.

Glad you decided to join us


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Hello :) and welcome Libby.

Congratulations on taking the plunge. It's good to have you here.

Hi Libby, I have only recently found this site and find the information and the support from other sufferers invaluable. I rang the Lung Foundation and they were so very helpful with all my questions, answering in simple terms, not medical jargon. What tremendous people they all are, as are sufferers of this dreaded illness!! Hope it helps you as much as it is doing me. Been extremely ill for 2 weeks, hope I'm going to start to pick up soon. I still work altho been on hol 2 weeks & havnt moved out, couldn't due to breathlessness only to see GP, then by taxi!!! He's added a new inhaler so lets hope that helps. Looks like I may have to finish work soon but Ive been turned down for DLA!! Told to try for it again by my GP. Really fed up of feeling so short of breath & ill!!

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Hi LIbby and welcome to the group. It's been a great help to me and the people are lovely as I'm sure you've noticed.

I look forward to hearing from you often :)

Hi Libby. I've only just found this place too. The people here are really helpful and also, like marytaz, the BLF have been a great help too.

Hi Libby,

Welcome to our little community, you will find lots of friends and support here. You will also find a lot of possitivity, but one of the best things you will find is that your not alone.

Stay in touch

Regards Linda.

Hi Libby and every one

I too am new to this .Good to know we have some where to go that we all understand what the other is feeling

Thanks to all for being there

Have a good day


Hi Libby I also am new to this site and realy enjoy reading and leaving my comments its nice to know that we are not alone and can have a chat with someone anytime and they are such a cheerful lot. I am fed up with all this rain it would be nice to sit out in the garden and look at my flowers but at the moment I just sit in the conservatory and look out the window at the wind and rain fingers crossed for some sun and warm soon.Take care x

Hello Libby, I am another "newbie". I also have severe COPD and am a 24/7 oxygen user (concentrator and portables). I am in South Yorkshire and though we have had plenty of rain we have so far avoided the flooding they have had in North Yorks. Congratulations on your first blog - something I have yet to achieve.

Hi Libby, good to hear from you, the more the merrier! I also have COPD but as yet have not reached oxygen stage, although GP thinks I would be better on it for exertion, this I think is the battle between consultant and GP, the Gp see's us all the time and can judge us far better. I also am missing the garden, nothing better than being outside, so lets hope for some sunshine soon.x

Hi Folks

I have been told i have Pneumonitis which is like fibrosis of the lungs and new to the group and would like to hear from anyone who has simular symptoms ,Doc's tell me there's notreatment for this except steroids which had terrible side effects ,depression is something i am fighting with and need a lot if support as i am in a lonley place right now .


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