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Going to stamp my feet!

Next week when I visit the hospitals - have 2 appointments one at my local hospital and 1 at the Freeman I am going to stamp my feet! Feel no better than I was 7 weeks ago when they gave me IV antibiotics for 5 days then further oral antibiotics for 9 days total of 14 days! (Proteus infection) Graham at work today struggling to get myself bathed - getting into the kitchen to make a drink on 3L 02 sats just when sitting 87, having to use more oxygen when I have to move to do anything. Desperately wanting to get back to work? Will not be able to return yet just couldn't manage, wanting to book a few days away to Chester next month dare not? Will I be fit enough to go any way? Urgh sorry to off load just how I feel today a bit fed up and this weather is awful. Val

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Val i thought i felt an earthquake but then i realised it was you stamping your feet! :)

Sorry you are still feeling so awful though - it just isn't fair is it?! I wonder if you could be allowed a carer for a few hours each week. I know that must sound strange to you after being the one doing all the caring for so many years, but seriously - think about it. Even if you are carrying on at work, I think you may be entitled to help - why don't you find out about it - even if you don't go for it now then at least find out in case you need help later. People keep telling me I should have a carer and I think you and i are in roughly similar situations. In the meantime, take it as easy as you can - thank goodness you didn't rush back to work this week! love Parvati :)

Thanks Parvati had mentioned care to Graham this week - when he is at work though, but I was managing not to badly getting to work up the stairs etc before this infection! I want to get back to work that is my aim just do not think the infection has cleared but will definitely speak to the doctors this week - I can only walk half what I used to be able to do ? Makes you think doesn't it before they discharged me I didn't see the consultant saw a ward doctor I did say to her my breathing was no better she said bloods sats etc were saying something else? What can you do? Val

I remember reading - i think in the results of the latest European wide copd survey - that we are one of the few countries where we aren't necessarily seen by a respiratory specialist / consultant prior to discharge. Likewise we are not bought up to speed with our condition eg. some folk leave hospital assuming they are 'retainers' , when it may have righted itself by time of discharge - others are now retainers but don't know it. The list goes on unfortunately. Just have to keep our heads screwed on and ask and then ask again if we don't get clear info from the professionals. :(

Will be asking Wed & Thur don't worry x

i had a period like this no one took any notice, i insisted that there was something wrong, much to the GP's disgust, i eventualy got to see a specialist i had glandular fever, vitamin D deficency and a thyroid problem they also found that i had anitripsine dificency, it took 6 months and i was back to near normal, so it pays to keep telling them,

i find that the name tag COPD they expect you to get worse and that is not the case.

Hi Val

So sory you are still feeling rough, I do hope things get sorted for you soon, its worrying when things do not improve, do you get the community nurse to check in with you when you need to? You should be able to access one through your GP and then you can contact her about these sorts of I things. I think the sats you are experiencing at the moment need to be monitored regularly by a professional health care person or are you linked up with Teleheath?

Don't rush back into work Val, make sure you are fully recovered before you consider doing that.

Take good care and feel better soon.

Hi Zoee don't have any involvement with community nurse, do have a 02 nurse who visits now and then but don't really bother her. I am as awkward as the day is long so so independant! I will be getting something sorted next week as I can't go on like this Val

Val, there's no point in just stamping your a rain dance as well and we might just get rid of this ruddy rain! It's crap isn't it. However, positivity must reign as I do believe laughter is the best medicine......................keep your chin up hunny x

Will do can you imagine it dancing with oxygen on the sun will be shinning and laughing he he Val

Telehealth monitor ?

Val's due at work next week, don't think boss would happy

and pursuing lung transplant option and appointment at freemans in june, so consultants would be doing detailed health examinations possibly

Work will just have to wait ! Would be no good to them lets hope they can come up with something at the hospital - probably the infection is still there - just my luck! Thanks chesty

Can't over do things! Breathing to bad it won't let me Val

It would be advisable to give a sputum sample to your g.p or community matron so that the hospital can have the result in time for your visit.

If your breathing is that bad and low sats. you really need the 02 nurse to do her job properly, whether you like it or not.

Health is more important than rushing back to work with an infection, as you suspect, next week.

Sorry to hear you're feeling so unwell Val. I hope you're soon feeling better.

Work will be there waiting for you when you're able. xx

Really hope your feeling abit better soon Val xx

Thanks all will keep you posted Val

Fight for what you are entitled to Val needs to be done

Will do Dott x

Hope you are feeling better soon Val

Best wishes

Jo :-)

Thanks Jo x

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