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What lovely people

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Just wanted to say, what lovely people there are on here, you have restored my faith in humans, after reading your replies to my question, for the first time, in a very long time, I actually cried.

Thank you so much for your replies, and Zoee, sorry if I offended you, using the term "gang" I really did mean it in the nicest possible way.

Just like to add, after weeks and weeks of having my spirometry test booked, on each occasion it couldnt be done due to infection, this went on what seamed like forever, eventually, my GP did one anyway, as she said we couldnt keep waiting like this, the results she explained, showed 2 complications, (whatever that means) she did try to explain, but it went well over my head. Again, thankyou all. This site has become a way of life for me now, and I check it every day, like I would when the postman comes. simply brilliant.

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It is good to share things with others, ask advice hear what others are going through Val

My daughter says she belongs to a 'melange' of friends, rather than a gang. lol. I think gang has very different connotations compared to a generation or so ago. I know the Guides and Scouts used to do a 'Gang Show' for instance. Feel old now thinking of how words and meanings have changed since my childhood years :(

Shows Im getting old, must try to remember terminology is so different now, yes Parvati, I was in the Guides, and other clubs, hence me using the G word. Bit like my Aunt would often say things like " you look bright and gay today" of course that too takes on a different meaning also. Will just have to remember to think a little before typing in certain words etc.

There's too much Pc today. You wanna be in a gang Serene, you be in a gang love. Each to their own. I've wished so many times for the ground to swallow me up cos of things I have said but you know a good friend pointed out to me once that people who know me, really know me, know I would nevre say or do anything to hurt anyone and we all say things sometimes without thinking..........but maybe its the person listening or reading, thinking the worst instead of believing the better thats got it wrong.

Life is too short.........................live and let live!

well reading that just cheered me up, you can buy gang apples from asda, whatever that means, Serene1, I love this site.

Hello Gangsters,

and lovely people

Where i come from the word gang is sometimes used when i arrange get togethers with the "gang" as in my friends!

Okey dokey fokies, here is the on-line definition of the word 'gang'.

1. a group or band; a gang of boys gathered around the winning pitcher.

2. a group of youngsters or adolescants who associate closely, often exclusively, for social reasons especially such a group engaging in delinent behaviour.

3. a group of people with compatible tastes or mutual interests who gather together for social reasons; i'm throwing a party for the gang i bowl with.

4. a group of persons working togther; a sqaud, shift or gang of labourers.

5. a group of persons asscociated for some criminal or other anti-social purpose; a gang of thieves.

So as you can all see, everyone of you is right with your meaning of the word gang. I like to think in the positive and I thought that is what this site was about..............positivity, hope, feeling better, sharing, support, having a laugh.

So just to make you laugh, while I am typing this, my 22 month old daughter decided to bite her toe nails............she just had a bath so they are clean! The thing is, I have no idea where she got the notion to do such a thing!

And on a final note.........if I win the lottery jackpot tonight......................I'll give you a share if you wanna be in my gang hee hee xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Thanks for that, it has clarified the matter......Perfectly xx

I used to be in a gang, we were Teddy boys, with D.A.'s

Whats D.A's???

My old man has nothing on top, just left with the aforementioned ass end.

how old is JohnTravolta ?


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