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anti biotics again

Well up down and round, I had to call dr out this morning to Richard, not before time, he's struggled since last weekend. Anyway back on anti biotics, he seems to get an infection every month, so dr given him a different anti biotic this time. I also rung the respitory nurse and she suggested he use more oxygen, getting dressed etc, his sats are in low 70's when he gets up. Well that's my news, apart from the fact that my son slipped on asippy pavement and banged his head, winded himself and now he's up in a and e,

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Oh yes sats very low better to use the 02 it will help, bet he is fed up with infections know I am! Val

Hi amagran,

So sorry to hear about your poor son - but very happy to know that you are okay to adjust Richards 02 as needed now - that's great! :) I wonder if It might be worth you pushing for a home concentrator too - that way there's nothing to carry around - it's always worth asking :)

In the meantime, I do hope your dearly beloved feels better soon, and that your son doesn't have too big a bump on his head. All the best to you and yours, Parvati :)

Hopefully Richard will pick up now with the antibiotics. Hope he's got a high dose, sometimes the docs give the low dose and then it doesn't work nd you have to have the higher one then after anyway.

Does he take steroids daily? Reason I ask, my dad is on a very high dose of steroids now to see if it helps his IPF and we are scared he will catch summit. I havn't taken my daughter down in over a week cos she is full of a cold just in case. Get well soon to your son, hope he doesn't have too long a wait in hosp.

The dr never gives Richard steroids, yet they always give him them when he is in hospital. Am just hoping he hasn't mucked about too long before starting the anti biotics, I was so upset this morning that my insides were shaking, but when I spoke to the consultants secretary she was lovely, and got the respitory nurse to ring and put my mind at ease.

My son is fine, no concussion, a stiff neck and an awful case of bruised pride, especially after having to be helped up by a young woman with a pram. Hospital says to watch forall the usual signs, but as he says himself, there's nowt funnier than a fat man falling over.

Hopefully the new antibiotics will do the trick for Richard and the only thing I can say about your son's mishap is.....................................OUCH !!!! :)

Sounds to me that RIchard needs a couple of things to prevent these flare ups. One is some way to clear his lungs of mucus and another is taking Vitamin D3 plus several others supplements that boost your immune system. Find something (NAC or MUCINEX is what we use here in the US) to keep those lungs clear and that will prevent many of these flare ups. Anyone with an O2 Sat in the 70s should be on full time oxygen and probably higher than 2 LPM. It is impossible to keep a clear head with numbers that low. HE must be very sluggish and drowsy. I am no doctor but have been at this for many years now. To date - and I will knock on wood, I haven't had a cold for almost three years and I believe it is due to Vitamin D. Richard would need at least 5.000 mg per day. IT is relatively inexpensive too.

Sorry i dont know much about the 02 statts but just wanted to say fingers crossed he will soon get better

Lets hope that the new anti-biotics work - is he on steroids too? When my husband gets an infection, it seems to take at least three courses of anti-biotics and steroids over three or four months before it clears up. I agree with the Vitamin D - I think that has really helped. Apparently though from American research it needs to be D3. My doc also told him to use his inhalers more regularly when he has an infection. The recovery is such a slow process - wishing him a good recovery and you the patience to deal with it!! Hope you son is Ok too! Take care TAD x

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