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Snap Crackle and Pop on exhale ?

When I breathe out softly ( normally towards the end bit of an exhale ) I get a crackling noise from my lungs. I don't think it can be heard audibly by anyone nearby though. Does anyone else have any experience with this ?

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When I'm laid close in bed with Richard I can hear squeaks and crackles, especially after he coughs. But that's when it's totally quiet, so probably nobody hears it otherwise, maybe you can feel it rather than hear it. Sorry am probably no help, being a carer rather than a sufferer.

Do you get much of a cough with this it is quite often an infection warning for me when the doctor says the chest sounds bubbly. Getting your doctor to have a listen and make sure he warms the stethoscope first.

I do cough quite a bit throughout the day. I know it's mucus causing it because as soon as I shift it the tickly cough goes away until the next time a bit gets stuck. Normally one cough gets the mucus out.

I did go and see my doctor two days ago about it. He completely ignored what I said and made a prescription out for one of my inhalers. I hadn't even finished the other one so didn't need it at that time.

just seen on the news that gp's are to be rated by their patients, a good chance for us to have our say. We cahnged drs last November because of bad practice, it was easier than I thought it would be actually, so if your dr continues to offer bad service, I'd recommend you do the same, it's our lives after all.

I put in a form today for a change of doctor. I spoke to the BLF helpline today and a respiratory nurse is going to have a chat with me tomorrow afternoon. I'm looking forward to it !

That's good news, glad you are getting sorted.

It's my partner's doctor. She's been with him 7 years and finds him very helpful. I've spoken to him once or twice before and he seems ok.

stitch, there is usually a local office in charge of the drs surgeries, they told me to ask at 3 surgeries and if I had no luck to write to them saying that I wanted to discharge ourselves from the dr we were going to and name 3 drs who were in the area. They said that after a week we would have to be accepted at one of them, they also said not to panic at being without a dr for the week as there was nhs direct and the hospital. Luckily the 2nd dr I rang accepted us without any problems.

Yes I get that sound quite a lot, and also other strange noises comming from my breathing, and I know other people can hear it also, as close family members have told me. Its very embarrasing if your in company. Dont know if this is any help, but Im always having infections, so assume, it is caused by all the gunk we cough up.

I had a chat with the BLF respiratory nurse today. She says the rattle is caused by inflammation which should be sorted out otherwise an infection can set in.

I told her about my low sats. I also said I play games with my oximeter to see how high I can get it. I tried different ways but one particular way I can get it up to 96%. It takes a bit of effort but what doesn't ? She said I am shallow breathing when I'm sitting at rest and should try and train myself to breath as I did then. Then I can get enough oxygen by myself. She also said my doctor should have sent me to pulmonary rehab. I would have found out about all this stuff a lot earlier. She is ending me a booklet to read through. So sort of good news really !

diaphragm breathing is best I find.

I could only do 94% for about 5 minutes then was too worn out to carry on. Back it goes to about 87% quite quickly. I do have a chest infection or inflammation though, so that probably isn't helping much. I did tell my doctor about it at the beginning of the week but he ignored what I had said.

Averaging about 82% this morning.

I got fed up feeling like death warmed up for the last few weeks and getting SOB after walking 2 or 3 steps or making a cup of tea. I had to pass near my local hospital so decided to pop into A&E. My partner explained to them the situation and about me seeing my doctor who didn't take a blind bit of notice. They took me into the A&E department in front of everyone else.The first thing the nurse gave me was half a dozen Prednisolone. Then put me on a ventilator. Oh be able to breath properly after so long ! My Sats went up to 96% but soon went own to 86% once I was off it. The pills seemed to work quickly as my breathing was a lot better and has been since. X-ray showed my lungs expanded to the full extent but obviously the problem is on the exhale. Blood test did show inflammation/infection ( just like I told my doctor ! ) but no other problems. I have been given a weeks course of Prednisolone and Doxycycline. They really shift the mucus ! I walked out the hospital upright and a bit too quick as I felt so much better.I did have to catch my breath after about 100 yards but at least I wasn't breathless.

This is the best I have felt for months, maybe even since I was diagnosed. I'm wondering how long I've had this infection for.

Now all that remains is to try and sort my low Sats out which is still hovering on the 84% mark.

Just to add. My finger pulse oximeter was reading the same as the hospital one for those thinking of getting one.

Hey there ! Its most likely just mucus at the bottom of your lungs, and is quite enough , some one can hear its "crackle " or "rattle" , i've had lung problems since i was very young ( no joke i developed bronchitis at 4 months ) , and this is the minority of them , its a allergy problem which you can fix with a simple over the counter Allergy medicine , Zyrtec D works well with me . If it starts to hurt however , i suggest talking to your doctor XX

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