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X ray results back but have to wait until GP looks at them!!!!!!!

Well i just rang my GP surgery and asked receptionist if my results were back. They are but she said the doc hasn't looked at them yet so i have to ring tomorrow!

She said she couldn't tell me anything until Doc puts a note on them. I'm thinking it couldn't be urgent otherwise she'd have told me to ring later today.

So now i'm thinking has anyone else had this? I just want to know my results now lol :)

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Sorry Shazza - I'm not psychic otherwise I would do my best ... lol :) like you though, I would suspect that were anything drastic found it would be classified urgent and things would move a lot quicker. fingers crossed for you, P :)


Thanks Parvati lol


That's right no receptionists are qualified to read results only some nurses and doctors. I know a PF sufferer who got told everything was fine by a receptionist when they had a scan when it was the opposite.

No news is good news..................chin up hun!


Morning Shazza - hope it was good news at the doc's today - do let us know how you are, P :)


I'm still waiting! I rang this morning and receptionist said doc has alot of peoples results to get through and hasn't put a comment on mine yet. I have to ring back, she suggested tomorrow.

To be honest i'm quite surprised as in the past with blood/urine tests when you ring you get told results fairly quickly, i'm a bit fed up but don't want to pester them.

I'm thinking they must be ok as i would have had a phone call if not. Thank you evryone xx


Hello Shaza, I worked for a GP for many years. The procedure was once the results were back if there was something really wrong they would normally contact you quite quickly because the result would have been sent through the Hospital Courier service and marked urgent .sometimes the Hospital would ring results through to the surgery .Although more often than not it was usually blood test results.However if you have an illness that has already been confirmed. It could be that its not viewed as urgent because there may not have been any sudden changes to report . sometimes further investigations were required if the Patient or GP wasn't happy or satisfied with the result


Thank you Kate13 for telling me that, i was going to try and sqeeze the results out of the receptionist but i knew that she wouldn't be allowed lol :)

No news is good news and all that, fingers crossed


your very welcome , try not to worry anxiety seems to blow things out of proportion. This will only make you feel worse and wont change the outcome of the result.Its best not take to much notice of other peoples symptoms. They can often sound similar

and this can add even more worry. wait to hear what your GP says first. I know its really difficult from my own experience However at least you will know one way or the other.

and deal with it in a positive way x


well Doc just rang at last and she said i have damaged my lungs with smoking. Can't remember here exact words but she said i had early lung damage, heading towards COPD and my days of getting away with smoking are over.

I'm confused though, the breathing test suggested "restriction" i thought that was different to COPD?

Think i'll be calling in to see the doctor on Monday, as the one i spoke to isn't my usual gp and i have questions. thanks everyone for all your advise/comments


Its hard to take it all in isn't it? Thats agood idea to go to the doc Monday and sit down and discuss everything. Take a notepad and jot things down or take someone with you. I do that with my dad and between the two of us we remember what was said.


Had chest X-ray done today due to feeling unwell and breathless and wheezing. I do have COPD. Was told my lungs are very long and X-ray had to be done in 2 parts. I just called doctors to find out about blood test results from last week, receptionist said your X-ray results are here but not been looked at as yet. I was very surprised so quick (same day). Now I am worrying if anything else shown up.


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